muzmatch App Milestones

muzmatch Milestones

Here we aim to record all major milestones for muzmatch! Who will be the first to get married to someone using the muzmatch app?!

    • June 2014 - The founder and CEO Shahzad Younas resigns from his full time Investment Banking job to begin development on the new muzmatch app.

    • Feb 2015 - Existing muzmatch matrimonial website shut down. The site had over 2000 profiles, with over 20,000 members who had registered and had yielded a number of marriages Alhamdullilah!

    • Feb 2015 - The fresh new muzmatch website is launched - showing all the features of the muzmatch app!

    • 23rd Feb 2015 - muzmatch iOS Apple app submitted for approval. Android app development begins.

    • 3rd March 2015 - muzmatch iOS Apple app and brand new website is approved and is launched!

    • 11th April 2015 muzmatch Android app released!

    • 10th May 2015 muzmatch hits 1,000,000 swipes and over 20,000 matches!

    • 13th May 2015 muzmatch server upgraded - extra memory and CPUs added

    • 20th June 2015 muzmatch hits 3,000,000 swipes and over 50,000 matches!

    • 8th July 2015 muzmatch hits 4,000,000 swipes and over 60,000 matches!

    • 21st July 2015 News of the first muzmatch wedding! Alhamdullilah!

    • 22nd July 2015 News of our 100th success story!

    • 22nd Sept 2015 News of our 160th success story!

    • 22nd Sept 2015 muzmatch hits 18,000,000 swipes and over 250,000 matches!

    • 15th Jan 2016 muzmatch hits 52,000,000 swipes and over 400,000 matches! Over 12,000,000 messages sent on the app! Over 441 successes!

    • 20th Jan 2016 muzmatch hits 50,000 signups!

    • 4th Feb 2016 muzmatch hits 60 million swipes, 500,000 matches, over 14 million messages sent and over 500 successes!

    • 4th April 2016 muzmatch hits 82 million swipes, 700,000 matches, over 21 million messages sent and over 700 successes!

    • 20th April 2016 Ryan joins the team as CTO and Co-Founder. We move into new office in London.

    • 14th June 2016 muzmatch hits 1 MILLION MATCHES created since launch! 112 million swipes, 30 million messages!

    • 3rd August 2016 100,000 member joins muzmatch!

    • 26th August 2016 105,000 members, 44 million messages sent, 145 million swipes, 1.2 million matches.

    • 27th August 2016 The all new muzmatch 2.0 hits the app stores! A complete rebuild from top to bottom with hundreds of new features: selfie verification, explore previous swipes, see who liked you, match/unmatch/rematch options, more detailed profiles and community rated members.

    • 21st Oct 2016 We move into larger offices in London as we prepare to welcome more people to the team.