• What is muzmatch Premium?

      muzmatch Premium helps you stand out from the crowd and find your perfect partner faster with a collection of exclusive, powerful features.

      1. Unlimited Swipes

        No timers, no waiting, Swipe as much as you want

      2. 🔍 Preferences

        Preference height, marriage plans, Islamic dress, career, education, photo privacy, prayer level, religiosity, and more in Discover. A percentage match of your Preferences is shown on every member profile

      3. 💰 Free credits

        Every month, receive 5 free Instant Match credits. Remember it is always free to Match and Chat if both members Like each other. Trial or free Premium memberships do not include Instant Match credits.

      4. 🔀 Unlimited Changes

        Unlimited Change Swipes (change a Pass to a Like and vice versa) and Unblock someone for free

      5. 🥇 Front of the queue

        Appear first to others in your area in Discover

      6. 👍 Support us

        Feel good in supporting us in transforming how Muslims meet and marry

      7. 🕶 VIP

        Stand out from the crowd with a VIP badge on your profile

      8. 🚫 No ads

        No interruptions, hide ads

      Trial members

      If you're enrolled on a free trial you won't be credited with your Instant Matches until your first paid renewal however you will receive all of the other great benefits detailed above.

      Other products

      Other products such as Reset Swipes are not included with Premium.

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