• What is muzmatch Premium?

      muzmatch Premium helps you stand out from the crowd and find your perfect partner faster with a collection of exclusive, powerful features.

      1. More Filters

        Advanced Search - filer users by career, education, photo privacy, prayer level, religiosity, and much more

      2. Unlimited Changes

        Unlimited Change Swipes (eg change a Pass to a Like and vice versa) and Unblock someone for free

      3. Free credits

        Every month, receive 500 Free Extra Swipes and 5 Free Instant Match credits

      4. Front of the queue

        Appear first to others in your area in Discover

      5. VIP

        Stand out from the crowd with a VIP badge on your profile

      6. No ads

        No distractions, hide Ads

      7. Support us

        Feel good in supporting us in transforming how Muslims meet and marry

      Note - if you purchased a Free 7 day trial, you will receive 2 Instant Matches and 200 Extra swipes immediately, and the remainder (5 Instant Matches / 500 Extra Swipes) will be credited once your trial expires and the first months paid subscription begins.

      Note - RESET SWIPES are a separate purchase and are not included in Premium

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