• How do I delete my muzmatch account?

      If you wish to delete your account go to ☰ Menu → Settings → Deactivate.

      To prevent abuse, any behaviour reports associated with your phone number are permanent and are not deleted.

      If you rejoin, your old profile will be reactivated and your Matches will be retained.

      If you wish to reset your Swipe history (all Swipes you have done and all Swipes done to you which did not result in a Match) please read How to Reset my Swipes

      To permanently delete your account profile and photos please send an email request to support@muzmatch.com from the email address you registered with. Note that your photos and profile information itself will be deleted. Chats/Match/Swipe/Block history will remain associated with the email address AND phone number to prevent abuse and harassment by users (ie blocked user re-registering), as well as to maintain a record of activity should evidence be required at a later stage with respect to any inappropriate activity reports made.

      This data is fully anonymised at a later stage post deletion/deactivation as per our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Until this is fully anonymised, it will not be possible to SIGN UP again and create a brand new account using the same email address or phone number.

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