muzmatch - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Please visit our Contact Us page if you cannot find an answer to your question below, or if you need further assistance. We endeavour to respond to all messages within 48 hours.

  • Basics

  • What is muzmatch?

    muzmatch is a mobile app for Single Muslims worldwide who are looking to find their perfect marriage partner. Available on iOS and Android it is free to download and use. It is hugely different from the conventional marriage websites out there - we show you potential matches based on your actual location, and all members have been verified using their phone number, email and a recent selfie. All members independently like or pass on each other and decide whether they are interested in the other person. Once you both like each other, it is a match and you can both instantly message each other for free. With our app there are no subscriptions at all - it is absolutely free.

  • How does it work?

    It's Simple! Every day we will present a number of potential matches nearest to you (using your phones GPS location). You then swipe the profile card right (or tick them) if you think that person could be suitable for you. Swipe them left (or tap the cross) if you think they are not. Swipe the bottom panel up to view their full profile information. Independently the other members will be doing the same thing. If both you and the other person swiped right (or ticked) on each other, then you are both notified and you may both instantly chat with each other! This way it takes both of you to express an interest in each other - so say goodbye to all those spammy messages from random people.

  • How much does it cost?

    muzmatch is totally FREE to use!

  • How do I sign up?

    First download the app on the Apple App Store or if you are a non iPhone user then find it on the Android Google Play store!. Enter your phone number. We will then send you a confirmation text. This proves you are the owner of the phone and also helps us verify which country you are actually residing. Once you enter the PIN code, verify your email address and then muzmatch will prompt you to create a short profile. Enter your nickname, Date of Birth (needed to calculate your age), Marital Status, Sect, Profession, Religiosity, Photo and further information about you. Once done you can then start checking out other peoples profiles (note that location services must be enabled)!

  • Do I need Facebook to sign up?

    No! We understand that many of our members wish to keep their private and online social life separate from their personal life - especially when it comes to finding someone for marriage. If you wish you can sign up using Facebook. Note we NEVER post to your wall. You can unlink your Facebook account from your muzmatch account at any time in Settings.

  • Is muzmatch available on iPhone and Android?

    muzmatch is available for all iPhone and Android phones!

  • How is muzmatch Halal?

    We take our responsibilities very serious. We didn't just want to make an app to help people socialise and chat freely with those of the opposite gender. At the same time we have tried to cater to Muslims who are very practising, to those who are not. We have tried to give our users all the features they need to help them be safe and mindful of their obligations to themselves and others. The app has many features you won't find anywhere else.

    Photo Privacy - photos can be fully hidden, meaning no more superficial window shopping.

    Wali/Guardian supported - Wali's can be included to get copies of all conversations you have.

    Reporting - users can instantly report any inappropriate conduct on our site. Such reports are validated by our team and a permanent record is made to the offending user. This will be flagged to others (warning sign on their profile) and their profile will also be less visible to others, meaning that we try and weed out the non serious users.

    Ratings - we ask members to give feedback regarding each other in terms of politeness, seriousness and whether they would recommend them. We then feed this data into our algorithms which helps us to encourage good behaviour, and help others avoid timewasters.

    Offensive words - offensive words used on profiles or during messaging are censored (you will see a *** where an offensive word was used).

  • Why are some of the other members photos blurred?

    We respect our members privacy. Many people don't want their photo easily accessible to others until they have spoken to them and feel comfortable doing so. For men, they can opt to have photos public, or private until matched - whereby once they match their photos are automatically visible. For ladies - they have both these options as well as fully private - whereby they are in total control of who can see their photos and for how long. Once unmatched, that persons photos are automatically blurred.

  • How do I report inappropriate behaviour?

    We want muzmatch to be a Halal and safe place for all our members to find their partner. If you come across anything inappropriate/spammy/obscene on someones profile, or when messaging them, then tap the Report button (Exclamation button) and tell us why you wish to anonymously report this member. We will then assess your report by looking at the conversation as well as their photos/profile and if we deem their behaviour to be below decent and Halal standards, we will then put a permanent record on their profile. This means that other people who see their profile card will see an exclamation mark on their photo. If they view their full profile they can see an anonymized breakdown of any incidents. Also this person's profile will be lower in priority - meaning that fewer people will come across their profile. This way we try and weed out the persistent offenders. If the incident is serious enough, we will opt to permanently block and remove the offender.

  • How do I include a Wali/Guardian?

    We want muzmatch to be a Halal and safe place for all our members to find their partner. At any time ladies can optionally enter your Wali/Guardian's email address in your profile (Edit Profile from menu). Your wali will then receive weekly transcripts of all messages to and from your account. Note only women have this option. Wali's must click the confirmation link sent to them to validate their email address in order to begin receiving the emails.

  • My account

  • Why do I have to create a profile?

    We don't ask you to log in using your Facebook account. For your own privacy we instead ask each of our members to complete a short profile. We ask for a few details about you, your religiosity and what you are looking for. We feel this is the basic information needed to help our members decide whether someone is suitable for them or not.

  • Do I have to upload a photo?

    Yes - as a minimum we do ask everyone to upload at least one photo of themselves. Members can upload a maximum of 5 photos. For men they can opt to have photos private until matched - whereby then they are automatically visible. For ladies - if you choose to set your photos to be Private in the app, all your photos will appear blurred to everyone else. Only once you have matched with someone can you then choose to grant them photo access for however long you want. You can block their photo access at any time too.

  • Why do I have to take a security selfie?

    You don't like fakers, scammers, spammers or catfishes! Neither do we. We ask users to take a selfie during registration. We then manually approve all profiles and verify that the selfie matches the profile photos which are supplied too. You can be sure you are talking to a real person!

  • How do I change my Date of Birth/Gender?

    To prevent abuse, we have limited people from altering their Date of Birth and Gender. If you entered them incorrectly when you signed up, please contact us using the app or via this site and we will make the change for you.

  • Why do I have a behaviour report on my account?

    If we found an instance of inappropriate conduct using muzmatch, we will place a note on your profile mentioning an instance of inappropriate activity. This means that your profile will be showing up less to other members (meaning you will be matching much less). This is permanent and is associated to your phone number. The muzmatch decision regarding this is final and we aim to be as fair as possible to all involved. To prevent abuse please note that such reports are permanent and exist even after that account is deleted. If we find you to be a persistent offender we will permanently block your phone number from using muzmatch.

  • How do I delete my account?

    If you wish to delete your account please got to Menu -> Settings -> Deactivate. Select your reason for leaving (met someone on muzmatch for example). We will then deactivate your profile. You will completely disappear from our service. To prevent abuse, any behaviour reports associated with your phone number are permanent and are not deleted. If you rejoin, your old profile will be reactivated and live again and you can continue to chat to your existing matches.

  • Matching

  • How do I match with someone?

    Tap the Like button, ✅, on any new profile to express interest. If they Like you back you can instant message within the app in Chat.

    If you discover someone especially special and want to show your sincerity and enthusiasm as well as match them even if they’re yet to Like you back, use Instant Match tapping the ⚡ button on a profile.

  • What's Instant Match?

    If you discover someone especially special and want to stand out from the crowd, buy an Instant Match. This also enables you to match with someone before they’ve Liked you back.

    Tap the ⚡ button on any profile that you haven't matched previously to buy an Instant Match.

    It's free for them to reply and you can send as many messages as you wish.

    If you’ve been Instant Matched you’re still in full control. If the matcher isn’t suitable simply Unmatch them from the More menu (the ••• button top right of any Chat).

  • Can I filter the profiles you show me?

    Yes! Simply select "Set my search preferences" on the side menu and then select the options which are important to you (eg distance/age/ethnicity/dress etc). We will then only show you a set number of matches per day who match this criteria. Don't be too specific or you may find that you aren't getting many options presented to you.

  • How do I filter by distance or country?

    Simply go to Menu -> Search preferences and either set a MAX distance (in miles) of profiles you wish to see. Or select Limit by country and select as many countries you wish to filter by. We will then only show you profiles within your criteria.

  • Why does a timer come up when I try and swipe someone?

    We limit the number of swipes per 12 hours to ensure every profile is fully considered, after all this isn't a game—marriage is serious!

    If you’d like to keep swiping, tap Buy More Swipes or use an Instant Match.

  • What happens when I buy more Swipes (Likes/Passes)?

    Bought Swipes can be used at any time and do not count towards your 12 hour limit. They enable you to keep Liking or Passing profiles when otherwise you’d be limited.

    Alternatively, use an Instant Match to circumvent this limit.

  • Why does the app tell me to widen my filters?

    Check your search filters if you have set any - they may be too specific. Try and widen them - eg height or age range etc. Each day we will present a certain number of potential matches for you to swipe. Once you have swiped all of them you will then need to come back to the app later to view more matches.

  • Why have I not got any matches?

    You need to allow some time for other people to match you back! Try updating your profile, adding more photos as well as filling in your "About me" section. That'll help! The more people know about you, the more they can choose to match you!

  • I accidentally swiped left or passed on someone!

    Don't worry - simply go to Explore (the binoculars) and go to the right to WHO I PASSED. Find them in there and tick them to like them if you want to change your mind.

  • How do I unmatch someone?

    Simply choose "Unmatch" from the message screen with that member. You will be invited to leave feedback before unmatching them. They will then be shown in your unmatched list.

  • How do I block someone and stop them seeing my profile?

    You can block someone permanently - they will never been able to see your profile and photos and will never be able to match or message you. On their profile, tap the menu option (three dots button) and tap Block. Similarly once unmatched, you can choose to block them there by selecting Block in the chat menu (top right of the chat screen).

  • How do I unblock someone?

    Go to EXPLORE - and swipe right to the WHO I BLOCKED list. Here you can tap on the person and pay to unblock them.

  • How do I let another user view my photos?

    For men - their photos automatically are visible once matched. For women - you control who sees your photos. If you wish to allow a match to view your photos, tap the top right menu button in the chat screen, and tap "Allow them to view my photos". To deny their access simply tap this again.

  • I was messaging someone but the chat just disappeared?

    This means the other person blocked you or deactivated their account.

  • I got a match notification, but I can't see any new match?

    This means the other person blocked you after you both matched or they deleted their account.

  • Can I message someone I haven't matched with?

    No - only members who have expressed a mutual interest in each other are allowed to message each other for free. If you don't want to wait, or are really keen to message someone, you can pay to instant match with that member.

  • Why do some profiles have a warning sign on them?

    This means that there was a valid inappropriate behaviour report made against that person, and hence we wish to flag this publicly so others can be wary. This will help you to avoid those who are not serious in looking for marriage.

  • Ratings

  • Why does the app ask me to give feedback on users?

    We want muzmatch to be a safe and serious community of people seeking marriage. We want to reward good behavior and etiquette. When you unmatch someone, or are unmatched, we ask you to leave feedback for that member. We ask you if they were serious/sincere in their search, were they polite, did you meet them in person, and would you recommend them to others. Simply check each statement if you feel it is true. If you cannot say, then leave them unchecked. All feedback is private and anonymous.

  • What do you do with the ratings?

    We use it in our algorithm - those people who are highly rated as being serious and well behaved will be shown sooner and more frequently to other users and so will get more matches. If the user has sufficient ratings, they earn badges which are shown on their profile to signify that they are serious/polite/recommended.

  • How do I see my own ratings/badges?

    Tap the menu, and tap your photo avatar to view your own profile as others see it. If you have badges shown then well done! If you don't then you either don't have sufficient feedback or you haven't earned enough positive ratings.

  • My ratings badges have disappeared!

    Old ratings expire as new ratings come in. As new members rate you this can lead to previously earned badged being lost if we do not get sufficient new positive ratings. As soon as you have earned enough then your badges will show on your profile again.

  • Explore

  • What is Explore?

    Explore lets you browse other profiles who have liked you, those who have visited you, your favourites as well as your full profile history - those you have liked or passed previously.

  • What is the number on the binoculars or the red dot on a profile in the list?

    The number badge and red dot show you those people who Liked you (in your WHO LIKES ME list) where you have no Liked or Passed them back yet at all. Tap them and Like or Pass on them to clear the badge and red dot.

  • How do I filter people in WHO LIKES ME or WHO VISITED ME?

    Your age and location filters apply to the profiles we show you in WHO LIKES ME or WHO VISITED ME. Changing your search filters will affect who is shown here.

  • What is the difference between WHO LIKES ME and WHO VISITED ME?

    WHO LIKES ME - are members who have LIKED your profile. WHO VISITED ME are any members who specifically went on to your profile for another look. Note profiles which we present each day that you tick or pass on are not included in WHO VISITED ME.

  • How do I change my mind on a profile?

    Simply go to WHO I LIKED or WHO I PASSED, and tick or pass on them if you wish to change your mind. Note there is a small fee when changing your Swipe. We want to see the number of Change Swipes come right down and users thinking twice before needlessly Swiping.

  • Privacy

  • Why does your app need my location/GPS?

    One of the unique aspects of muzmatch is that it uses your current location in order to show you potential matches of people closest to you first. This way you can say goodbye to those people on traditional marriage websites who lie about their location!

  • How often do you get my location? Will you drain my battery?

    Location is fundamental to how muzmatch works. We ONLY grab your location for one second - ONCE every time you go to view new profiles (DISCOVER). As soon as we have your location we turn location services off to preserve battery life. We respect your privacy - we do not constantly or silently track your location.

  • Why does my city name show up on my profile?

    To help members get an idea of where other members are located, we show an APPROXIMATE city of that persons GPS. It is intentionally approximate and so may not be precisely accurate - as we wish to maintain our members privacy.

  • I don't want to be discovered anymore - how do I go offline?

    If you are currently messaging another user and do not wish for your profile to continue to be shown to other new members or to be shown in other members Explore lists, then choose to "Go Offline/Not Discoverable" in the Menu -> Settings. This means that your profile will not be shown to other people for them to swipe - meaning you will not receive new matches anymore. You can still continue to message your existing matches. You can go back online using this same option.

  • How do I hide my photos?

    Men can opt to have their photos private until matched - whereby then they will be automatically public to that person. Ladies - we know that many of you want to maintain their full privacy and hide their photos until they feel a match is thoroughly suitable. Using our app just select 'Private' in the 'Photo Privacy' Section. This will ensure your photos are private to everyone. If you match with someone and wish to grant them photo access, simply tap "Allow photo access" in the "More" menu in the message screen. You can instantly block their photo access at any time.

  • How can I see when a member was last active?

    Sorry this is no longer available to protect user privacy. Note that your messages have two ticks if the message was read, and one tick if they were delivered.

  • How can I see how far a match is?

    Tap their profile and drag up the bottom panel. Their profile will show the distance they are from you in miles as well as a city name. Please note this is intentionally approximate.

  • How can I lock my app?

    If you wish to ensure that no one can access the app on your phone, you can opt to lock your app. Simply go to the menu -> Settings and enable app lock. Set a PIN code and the app will then lock when closed. Type your PIN code to unlock it.

  • Will you share my photos or phone number with anyone?

    No. It's as simple as that. Your phone number is private to you and we don't share this with any other user at all. We may use your information to serve you better or to show you offers which may suit you, but we will never pass on your data to a third party. Please see our Privacy Policy for further information.

  • There's a message saying a Wali is reading this chat?

    This means that the person you are messaging has a Wali/Guardian set up - hence their guardian will receive a weekly transcript of all messages sent and received to that user. Please always be mindful of your conversations using muzmatch.

  • Payments

  • How do I get a refund on iOS?

    We cannot directly give you a refund, you must request it yourself from Apple.

    1. Go to Apple's problem reports page,

    2. Login with your Apple ID user name (typically your email address) and password

    3. Select the Apps tab

    4. Select Report a Problem to the right of the purchase you want a refund for

    5. Click on Choose Problem and select your problem from the menu

    6. Enter details about your problem and then click Submit

    You should hear back from Apple within a few days to a week with whether your request for a refund is approved.

  • How do I get a refund on Android?

    Fill in this REFUND REQUEST FORM and Google will process your query.