Profile Quality Guidelines

Last updated July 2017

Our high quality network is central to what makes muzmatch great.

You never have to worry about spam or scamming and our verified profiles ensure you you're talking with who they say they are.

This is achieved through a manual moderation of new profiles and periodic checks throughout the life of an account. User reports are also quickly addressed to help limit any incorrectly moderated changes.

In General

Be honest. Being dishonest about yourself is no way to gain trust and will only hurt you later in your search when you come to meet a potential partner. We use common sense when applicable to determine whether your responses are truthful.

Sell yourself. With the previous point in mind, sell yourself as best you can. After all you're in competition with hundreds of thousands of others on muzmatch. Your profile should be a living document, continually being refined and updated.

Selfie Verification

To verify someone's identity we use our unique Selfie Verification system.

By taking a private selfie of yourself when registering we can ensure you are the person you say you are. This photo is never made visible to others.

This is compulsory and must clearly be of your entire face in a well lit environment. If there is any doubt in this selfie matching your photos your profile will be rejected.


Your photos must match your Selfie Verification. They must clearly show your face, not contain sunglasses, and be appropriate for this halal community (e.g. no topless photos or of any activities that may cause offence).

Your photos are a large part of your first impression to other users so pick wisely. We recommend asking friends and/or family to help curate these.

About Me

Your About Me can contain anything that you'd like to say about yourself and your search. We recommend however including:

  • What you do
  • Where you're from
  • Where and what you studied (if applicable)
  • What you enjoy doing in your spare time
  • What you're looking for

Please do not include external usernames or phone numbers as we cannot ensure your's and other's safety on external networks.


Your Status is a light hearted one liner overlaid over your photos. It can act as an icebreaker or be used to attract an other user’s attention. Please do not include external usernames or phone numbers as we cannot ensure your's and other's safety on external networks.

Location Verification

We triangulate your phone's GPS, SIM carrier's country, and IP location to accurately state your country of residence to others.

If any of these three values conflict with one another your profile will be rejected.

Everything else

For questions asked throughout your signup, we ask you to answer truthfully. We will apply common sense when applicable to help determine if your responses are accurate.