How do I match or chat with someone on muzmatch?

Tap the Like button, ✅, on any new profile to express interest. If they Like you back you can instant message within the app in Chat.

If you discover someone especially special and want to show your sincerity and enthusiasm as well as match them even if they’re yet to Like you back, use Instant Chat tapping the ⚡ button on a profile.
What is Instant Chat? If you discover someone especially special and want to stand out from the crowd, buy an Instant Chat. This also enables you to match with someone before they’ve Liked you back.

Tap the ⚡ button on any profile that you haven't matched previously to buy an Instant Chat.

It's free for them to reply and you can send as many messages as you wish.

If you’ve been Instant Chated you’re still in full control. If the matcher isn’t suitable simply Unmatch them from the More menu (the ••• button top right of any Chat).

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