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How do I delete my muzmatch account?

Reset Swipes

If you wish to reset your Swipe history (all your Swipes and Swipes by others on your profile that didn't result in a Match) see How to Reset my Swipes. This will allow you to see and be seen again throughout muzmatch.

Deactivate account

Some people want to temporarily go offline and not be shown to anyone on muzmatch at all during this time. To do this, go to ☰ Menu → Settings → Deactivate.

When you Log In again, your old profile will be reactivated and your account will be fully restored.

Delete account

To permanently delete your account, please send an email request to from the email address you registered with.

Once completed, account information, including photos, Matches, and messages, will no longer be visible to anyone on muzmatch. All of this information will be automatically deleted or anonymised from all our servers as per our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy within three years.

This policy is required to maintain adequate records in order to protect our members by ensuring the safest possible network.