Married Over Skype!

30 August

I was a working lady, turned 33, and all of my cousins were getting married. My mother was starting to get worried that I wouldn’t find someone, but truly I didn’t want to get married as I was the breadwinner of my family for the past 14 years. But my boss, who treats me like his daughter, advised me to move on “you are not the one who is the financial resource to your family, that is Allah (SWT)”. Suddenly, one of my friends shared a link for muzmatch and told me to try my luck.

So, I installed it and started getting so many requests, but I wasn’t getting any good matches for myself. Therefore I deleted the app. And, after a month I don’t know something clicked in my mind and I reinstalled the app, and to tell you the truth, my husband was going through the same thing, he also deleted the app and then reinstalled it.

And Then We Matched...

When I first installed it I selected the country preferences, but the second time I didn’t filter for country, and France was included in the options. Long story short, I matched with my husband and he asked me for my number. I was reluctant to give my number to anyone as I was more comfortable chatting on the app, as I can track and report any illicit activity if it happened.

But when he told me he stays busy at work and doesn’t have much time to type a message, and that he’s not good at texting. So after 3 days I gave him my number. And then we started talking, we shared the pictures, we shared about our families...

The Proposal

Then after 15 days of continuous chat he proposed to me over the video phone. But I told him he needs to think again as I’m 6 months older than him and asked him why ME? Then he replied: it doesn’t matter to me as I am looking for someone mature and sensible.

The thing which clicked me to say YES to him was when he said if you can support your siblings and family with all your heart from the last 14 years consecutively, you will definitely be a great wife, daughter in law and mother afterwards!

The Nikkah...Over Skype!

On 26th November 2018 we got Nikahfied. It was a small ceremony of 50 people. He couldn’t come due to his work as he wasn't able to take off annual leave, so we decided to have a SKYPE nikkah instead.. and then after 8 months I got my visa and I traveled to France. Very simply as I wanted to save money to leave for back home and not burden our families.

A muzmatch Baby

My husband is a wonderful man. Alhamduillah I’m very happy in my life. His family loves and respects me a lot and it doesn't even feel that they are new to me. We are now blessed with a baby boy.

Advice For Others

Advice for the unmarried girls and boys, who think that their life is finished and that they cannot get married after 30s:

Life is not a bed of roses, we need to learn how to compromise and adjust in many ways.

You will not get EVERYTHING but whatever we will get that would be the best for us, because we can only ask but Allah knows what and when is best for us.

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