I thought muzmatch was a waste of time...Till I found my wife!

8 November

Elbash & his beautiful bride, Mashallah 💕

As Salamu Alaikum.  Once upon a time, October 2019, I found a woman from muzmatch. Alhamdoolillah, Allah made that same woman my precious wife on 0ctober 4th, 2020. I pray Allah continues to bless our union in bliss, love, peace and tranquility.

I'm also really grateful for Allah making a way out through muzmatch. I remember when I deleted my muzmatch account multiple times thinking muzmatch is just a waste of time. Fortunately, after giving it a last try, I found a diamond gift from Allah.

Thank you muzmatch management for all the good work in bringing people together for the sake of Love.

May Allah bless the family. Alhamdoolillah, me and my wife and now part of the muzmatch family.

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