He Proposed The First Time We Met! #muzmatchsuccess

19 November

Aiesha & Qasim have shared their beautiful muzmatch story with us, from each of their perspectives!


I was on and off the muzmatch app, having a few bad experiences in the past. However, I am a positive person and I did not let any of this put me off. I re-joined the app and in September 2017, I began talking to Qasim, it was a very short time we talked (possibly a few days) and we decided to meet. I know some of you girls reading would be thinking I took a big risk, but in my heart I knew this was different. I met him and we hit it off straight away. I felt safe and calm around him, something which I had not ever felt before. It is difficult to put in to words but I just knew. Towards the end of the day, talk turned to marriage and what we wanted for the future. He then casually asked me to marry him and i just answered yes why not

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So 6 months later, we had our nikkah, in front of approx 50 family and friends and then the walima the next day with 500 guests. We brought our first house a  year later Alhmadullilah. He has pushed me to be a better person as have I. We compliment each other, as he is the calm one and I'm the whirlwind, he is my best friend and I couldn't have found a better match!

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I met my wife on Muzmatch, alhamdullilah it is coming to three years of marriage. I couldn't have asked for a better wife, friend, and soul mate. She has pushed me to be a better person and I am forever thankful- Alhamdullilah. Why did I ask her to marry me so soon? I just knew she was the right person for me Alhamdullilah.

To the people who are reading this- I know sometimes it can be difficult especially when using an app. Do not let the bad experiences put you off. Sometimes you meet people in life and you are just not a right match and that is OK. Just carry on and Inshallah the person that is made for you will come into your life. Inshallah you find what you are looking for.

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Thank you so much to Aiesha and Qasim for sharing their story with us ❤️
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