A Lockdown Wedding #muzmatchsuccess

11 September

My name is Sunita and he is Mirza. We are both from Bosnia & Herzegovina, but he is living in the United States.

He was in Bosnia when we started chatting for personal reasons. One month after we decided to meet and we clicked immediately. Since then we went out every day, and I was always the type of person who said I could never do that haha.

We had a lot of things in common and very soon we started talking about marriage. 3 months later he proposed at the airport when he was coming back from the U.S.

We had everything ready for the wedding in a couple of weeks but then the Corona virus came and we had to cancel almost everything and his close family couldn’t come to the wedding so we decided to make a really small wedding but it was beautiful.

We are really happy that we met each other and that we are married now. Thank Allah and thank you for the opportunity.

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