Five Amazing No Quarantine Holiday Destinations To Visit This Eid 2021 And Beyond

26 May

Happy that countries are finally opening back up? Or perhaps you're looking for a nice Eid getaway? Here are some incredible destinations that are allowing you to travel without long quarantine periods when you arrive. So pack your suitcase and let’s go!

I've tried to include a few different destinations from various parts of the world, so no matter where you are travelling from or which region you'd like to travel to. There's a few different options to suit every traveller.

*Please note, all destinations were correct at the time of writing but are subject to change, so make sure to check official government websites before making a booking! Also many depend on the country you are arriving from and have quarantine periods depending on your country of origin or if you pass through a country that requires a quarantine period.


Over Water Spa
Photo by Ishan @seefromthesky / Unsplash

The Maldives is a pretty safe destination! As not only have they not had restrictions on tourism for a while, so there's less risk of it being cancelled at the last minute, but also due to its secluded nature. Many of the resorts are ideal for those who may be a little bit anxious about returning to travelling.

Many resorts include private small villas with their own swimming pools or private section of the beach. Meaning you can limit human interaction to only the hotel staff. You can even get a yummy floating breakfast delivered to your room to be enjoyed in your private pool.

The Maldives is stunning with it's picture perfect views and gorgeous sunsets. You can wake up every day to enjoy the view of their perfect blue oceans for just you and your family. What more could you want?

It is the perfect tropical spot with beautiful warm weather all year round. It’s the perfect for relaxing in private or for couples who would like a romantic hideaway. Not only this but the Maldives is a Muslim country, meaning you’ll easily find halal food and the many resorts with private pools attached to the villas. Making it easy to relax as a hijabi. All these factors together make it the perfect getaway.

Arrival requirements

  • 0 days for the majority of countries excluding India
  • PCR test 96 hours before departure


Photo by Christoph Schulz / Unsplash

Dubai is another destination that has stayed open after an initial closure during the pandemic and has long welcomed tourists. In fact Dubai opened back to tourism in July 2020. Eid 2021 is a great time to visit as the weather is nice and warm before the summer when it gets too hot. Due to its desert climate where the summer reaches a high of over 40 celcius. Be aware however that Abu Dhabi and other Emirates have different restrictions and requirements than Dubai.

Don't be fooled into thinking Dubai is only about luxury hotels and the world's tallest skyscraper! There's also the natural beauty of Hatta with its lakes and mountains to enjoy. So whatever type of adventure you're looking for Dubai has a lot to offer! Along with beaches, a thriving food scene and plenty of swimming pools with incredible views of Dubai.

Due to fewer travellers you'll also find good deals on hotels at the moment, on what is typically a more expensive destination. As many hotels are offering attractive prices to encourage more tourists to the city

For more information about visiting Dubai, Danni B in Dubai has lots of resources for those visiting including insider guides to visiting it's many attractions and helping to learn more about the Emirati culture

Arrival requirements

  • 0 days for the majority of countries
  • PCR test 72 hours prior to departure & second PCR test may be required on arrival


Photo by Dennis Schrader / Unsplash

Mexico is one of the most liberal in terms of it's Covid policies for many countries, not only due to not needing to quarantine but also a PCR negative Covid test is not required to enter Mexico either. So you'll only need to worry about doing one when returning home. However check with your airline when flying as they may require a PCR test for boarding

Mexico has stunning beaches in places like Cancun and a rich history with several UNESCO heritage sites to visit. It really offers a variety of activities and adventure, depending on what type of holiday you'd like to enjoy. There's also lots of less touristy destinations if you're wanting a more affordable getaway.

Arrival requirements

  • 0 days quarantine for the majority of countries
  • No negative Covid test needed for most countries


Dubrovnik west harbor
Photo by Matthias Mullie / Unsplash

One of the few places in Europe allowing for travellers to visit, Croatia has stunning natural beauty and many towns to choose from. From it's historical Dubrovnik made famous from Game of Thrones to the idyllic seaside town of Split. Another must is visiting the islands just off the coast where you'll find stunning waterfalls and incredible greenery.

Like all our others on the list, Croatia doesn't require a quarantine period for those arriving from many countries including the UK and the US. Just a negative Covid test, making it a lot easier for those planning their holidays.

Arrival requirements

  • 0 days quarantine for the majority of countries
  • A PCR test or antigen test must be provided 48 hours before departure

Dominican Republic

Photo by Emely Marchena / Unsplash

Who doesn't love being able to relax in the Caribbean? Similar to Mexico, Dominican Republic does not require a negative test for those arriving from many countries and also has no quarantine period. So you'll just need to check the requirements of your airline and for your return to home.

The Dominican Republic offers beautiful waters and is larger than most of the other Carribean islands, making it more diverse. So whether you're looking for historical buildings, exploring nature with wonderful waterfalls or wanting to relax all day on the beach. The Dominican has a wide range of activities to suit almost every type of traveller.

Arrival requirements

  • 0 days for the majority of countries
  • No negative Covid test needed for most countries

Cape Verde

I stayed at the Rui Tourag Hotel on the island of Boa Vista, part of the Cape Verde islands, off the West coast of Africa. This was the main swimming pool.
Photo by Nick Fewings / Unsplash

Another Island destination that is making it easier for holiday makers to visit due to it not being restricted to a quarantine period for the majority of countries. Cape Verde is also friendly for those with children, as they don't require PCR testing for children under 7 who may struggle with the procedure of a PCR test.

A popular tourist destination, Cape Verde has beautiful weather, lovely clear blue waters and gorgeous beaches. Made up of several islands, you can have a wonderful time Island hopping or choose a resort to spend all your time relaxing. If you're someone who loves water sports or sailing, you can explore it's unspoilt archipelagos.

Arrival requirements

  • 0 days for the majority of countries
  • Negative PCR test within 72 hours of departure

We hope this list helps you to decide on what destination is best to travel to and makes travelling in the post Covid era a little bit easier. Of course it is up to every traveller to be responsible and take precautions where necessary as they enjoy these stunning destinations without needing to quarantine. Many countries require tourism in order for their countries to survive, so wish you safe travels!

Contributed by Danni B from Danni in the Desert

Danni has lived in the Gulf for over seven years. She shares about travel, lifestyle and culture on her blog to encourage more people to visit the region

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