7 Must Share Memes to Make Your Eid!

31 July

Eid Mubarak to all our amazing brothers and sisters 🎉  We hope you all have a lovely day Inshallah. May Allah bless us, keep us in the best of health, and answer all our prayers ❤️️

This Eid feels slightly bitter-sweet due to the cancellation of Hajj, but it's still important we celebrate it. And what better way than by sharing some of our all time favourite Eid memes!!

Inshallah these will bring some extra joy to your day 🌟

1) I'm convinced we all live the same life, atleast on Eid...


2)  Getting ready for those Eid selfies like...


3) Just to spend Eid day doing this:


4) This Eid we are blessed with the gift of social distancing...less hugs with strangers!


5) When you're too old to relate to this 😪


6) Animals are also out here getting ready for Eid Al-Adha

Source: stepfeed

7) We've saved our favourite till last

Source: Reddit

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