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Why am I seeing people outside of all my Search Preferences?

Premium members can enhance their search by specifying preferences ranging from Marital Status, Marriage Plans, Height, Religiosity and many others.

Search Preferences rank profiles in Discover, by how many of your preferences match as well as if they Liked you or are a Premium member too. We show those who match ALL preferences first, and then once we have no more matching profiles, we show those profiles who match MOST of your preferences.

The profile will show the % match so you know how many of your preferences they match. If someone exists who match 100% of your preferences then they are shown first. If they are not at 100% then no profiles exist who match ALL your Preferences, so consider amending them.

Note that priority is given to other Premium members and also those who Liked you already, so you may see these ahead of a "perfect 100% preference match".

Discover only shows those who match all your Filters. Explore only Filters by Age and Location.