They Had A Zoom Nikkah!

3 March

Hussein is a Southern Lebanese living in Europe and Maryam is from the African continent. They met on the app on 31st May, 2020.

In learning more about each other, they found their bigger purpose in life and decided to build their life around this.

muzmatch literally facilitated a match made in heaven, for in the middle of a global fiasco and worldwide pandemic, these two souls after patiently withstanding time, were effortlessly guided to meet. Hussein spent the night trying to get to the airport at 5am after spending a number of sleepless nights filled with excitement while Maryam bit all her nails off out of pure nervousness and anxiety. As soon as they laid eyes on each other, Hussein was floored and Maryam fumbled with awkwardness. But little did they know that they were indeed true soulmates.

Seven days later, still in their quarantine with their closeness growing oh so naturally, their Nikah was recited over Zoom by a Sheikh from the United States.

"We have no idea what the hell we were doing with our lives without each other for all this time. I may have not been sure about soul mates - but after meeting Hussein, I'm more than 100001% sure of it"

"The Prophet said that the love of Bibi Khadija (a.s) was sent to him as a sustenance from Allah SWT - and I can feel Allah's blessings for me in the love that we have for each other. Marriage can - and should - be the most powerful decision in a person's life and should be used for the goodness of this world" ☄️✨

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