She Helped Me Pray My Salat #muzmatchsuccess

7 February

Tamer and Serpil ❤️

My name is Tamer Oktay and I have met my soulmate on muzmatch Alhamdullilah during lockdown !! Her name is Serpil  and we matched last year January. We connected straight away and shared many similarities in terms of hobbies and mindset which was very important for me.

We knew very early on that we definitely wanted to take the next step and meet up, so we ended up meeting around March the first time, just before the first lockdown was announced (luckily). We are both from the UK, however it’s been a long distant relationship as I live in London whereas she was living in Leeds where she studies, this of course was a big challenge for us but we pulled through Alhamdullilah!

Serpil has helped me both mentally and physically but more importantly helped me on my faith and closeness to Allah SWT. She encouraged me and got me into praying my salat which I was always neglecting and made me feel content with what I have. She really opened my eyes in a time where everything was stagnant for me!

She made me realise that Allah SWT is truly the best  of planners and looking back this year it is indeed true. We have both met each other’s parents and inshallah once the lockdown is lifted we will get our nikkah done. It’s crazy how something small  can cause a huge impact, and in this case it’s muzmatch! I cannot describe how happy we are Alhamdulillah! Thank you so much and may Allah reward the muzmatch team!

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