Our Pakistani and Indonesian Love Story...

2 March

We matched on muzmatch and started chatting in August 2018. I was looking to enter into a halal relationship for the past five years and I've tried several Muslim matrimonial sites but then stumbled onto muzmatch. The app was very appealing to use and within a few months came across my future wife. I am a Pilot by profession and working towards working in a high paying airline job. But at the moment I'm a flight instructor on an income just enough to support myself. My wife completed her Bachelor's in Nursing and is currently undergoing a one year training.

Firstly Alhamdulillah, there were all those prayers that were made behind the scenes to find a good spouse and then thank you to the muzmatch team for creating such a fine app.

We met face to face once in October, kept chatting all year long and got married a year later in December 2019. During the wait we chatted on WhatsApp and tried to deal with the process of a mixed marriage which included consultations with knowledgeable people and convincing parents.

It was a challenge. No one had married abroad in our family and people living in South Asia are not usually open to such ideas compared to South Asians living in the West where people still stick to their culture but are aware of things happening around them that they haven't seen or heard of before. So first thing that needed to be done was convincing family members that it was okay to marry someone from another culture or nationality. On my side me and my parents decided not to disclose it to immediate family members as they themselves were not convinced. On the girls side however she discussed it with her parents and other family members and they agreed.

Many times making us almost give up on the process and thinking to look for someone else but we didn't give up.

My advice - do not to be too picky in choosing a spouse, make compromises, and do not involve people in the process who will try everything to disrupt it. Mixed marriage was a challenge and many times we thought of giving it up because of all the paperwork and movement that was involved. But giving your best for something that you really want and not getting it is better than not trying it at all. Be patient and keep at it, you will find one when the time is right.

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