Our Australian and Indonesian Love Story! #muzmatchsuccess

16 May

The first time I saw Asti's profile it stood out from the rest. I felt compelled to get to know her as I felt intrigued by her profile. I remember many details about our first conversation.

On 27th May 2018, we matched and started exchanging messages all day long. I still remember that day and what I was doing.

We felt an instant connection and started video chatting around a week later. Video calls strengthened our relationship and we kept taking screenshots of each other while talking.

Cellphone Skype on laptop
Photo by Tirza van Dijk / Unsplash

In the early stages of our conversations, we discussed things like our faith, cultural differences, family and our ambitions in life. I was impressed and convinced with Asti’s character.

Two months after we matched, I purchased a ticket to travel to Indonesia in August to meet Asti in person.

Our first meeting was at Adi Sucipto Airport in Yogyakarta. The first time I saw her, she was at the carousel waiting for her luggage. She wore a navy veil and top with white pants. We greeted each other and both of us were nervous and excited at the same time.

First time in italia
Photo by Kipras Štreimikis / Unsplash

As a Hobbyist Photographer, we visited different attractions in and around Yogyakarta such as Taman Sari, Mt.Merapi, Borobudur Temple and Pengger Pine Forest.

We continued our adventures together at nearby Gunung Kidul region and visited places like Kukup Beach and Jomblang Cave.

During our first four days together we formed a stronger relationship.

I was convinced on both a physical and mental level that I wanted Asti in my life permanently.

As Asti and I are both practising Muslims and have the same life purposes, we felt even more attracted to each other.

On 21st of August, we travelled to Solo to meet Asti’s parents which is approximately 70 kilometres from Gunung Kidul region.

I stayed at the Alila Hotel in Solo. That same evening I met Asti’s close family and had dinner together. Our main discussion was my proposal to marry Asti.

Alila Hotel, Solo, Indonesia

The following day I was invited to Asti’s house for a BBQ which was after Eid prayer at the mosque. After another discussion that day her father approved my proposal to marry her.

It made me feel very emotional.

Her family were hospitable and welcoming and treated me like a son.

As a result we got engaged the next day. Later that evening I left Indonesia to fly back to Australia and Asti went back to Jakarta as she lived and worked there at that time.

Travel with a plane
Photo by Frame Harirak / Unsplash

After Asti became my fiancé, we went our separate ways as we lived in different countries. It was hard to be apart as we missed each other a lot. We would message each other everyday and have video calls every week.

Our video calls lasted from 2 to 4 hours as we were restricted by work commitments and a 4 hour time difference between Indonesia and Australia.

We planned for our wedding and discussed our future together.

Asti and I got married on 27th of January 2019 at the Syariah Hotel in Solo, Indonesia. At our wedding there were 600 attendees. This was the happiest day of our lives.

Semir & Asti

We spent 14 days together travelling after our wedding. At the time we checked into different hotels In Solo, Bali, and Lombok.

My work leave was only for two weeks and on 9th February 2019 I left Indonesia and Asti stayed back with family in Solo Indonesia. It was a very sad moment for the both of us.

Needless to say I missed my wife so much during our 5 weeks apart after honeymoon.

We decided that my wife should come to visit me in Australia as I couldn’t take more time off work. We were reunited as she was granted Tourist Visa to enter Australia. Since then we have been inseparable and have enjoyed being together.

I enjoy finishing work and coming home to have my beautiful wife waiting for me. Asti cares for me and prepares amazing food and maintains household chores while I’m at work. I can’t have my wife return to Indonesia so we have decided that she needs to stay in Australia by my side. We have started to try for a baby and hope to have at least 3 in the future.

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