Wedding Bliss in Canada 🇨🇦 #muzmatchsuccess

18 July

Well, to sum up both of us is hard. We were both born in 1988, so I think this made it easier for us to communicate as we had lots in common. We both found out that we really really wanted to settle down and start investing in the future.

Hadrami & Tara

I can’t really explain was just meant to be!

We literally did katb al-kitāb and wedding ceremony in two weeks. I had my henna prepped in one week and the wedding the next.  

We were going to wait but why?

We knew we were meant to be. We had the means to pull it off and thank God we did because now we have a baby girl coming soon.

I just felt bad for my mom because she wanted the big extravagant Arabic wedding, but because of the short notice, only 60 people showed up to the wedding. We still danced the night away and ate lots of food.

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