Halfway across a Covid world and both jobless, we still found a way to marry, Alhamdullillah

17 December

Ismail & Mariah ❤️

We went from strangers to married in the space of 4 months. Between Singapore and England, it was a tall order given the distance and Covid restrictions.

I'd been on and off of the app for four years- since uni. I've met girls through it in person before but nothing became serious enough to tell my parents about. I didn't enjoy muzmatch much and was actually off it. I found most members to be unprepared for marriage. It's easy to like the idea of getting married and putting yourself on an app but fixing your own mindset is a whole other matter. But I told myself that if I sincerely wanted to get married, I should use every avenue possible to find my wife.

Her profile had one photo and only a few lines in the bio: both reasons I'd normally reject a profile outright. But there was something in both of them that moved me.

She and I matched and were very formal with eachother for over a month. Just serious questions back and forth. That was not my style but I'd learnt from experience to avoid catching feelings- I didn't expect much.

She was so mature mA. We both confirmed our intention was serious and kept reaffirming it. Then I got to a point I hadn't before- I had no reason to unmatch and didn't know where to go from there. So I thought- is it too early? Can I really get married in these circumstances? Am I sure? Then I became outraged with myself- if I wasn't prepared for it to lead to marriage, why was I on the app and talking to her daily?

Long story short, I video-called her parents and asked her father's permission to court her formally. It was granted. Then she spoke to mine. We got on with eachother's parents. I got a job two weeks after alhamdulillah and then the marriage was set. But that's a whole other story of hurdle after hurdle that, by the grace of Allah, was smoothed out for us.

I haven't gone into too much detail about the blessed aspects, the ways family and friends effectively supported us or the particular things we did to keep the process blessed- I've tried to keep this somewhat brief. For now I'll end this by requesting dua for our marriage and our families.

I shared this despite my worry of the evil-eye in the earnest hope to encourage others- I know what you're going through and, frankly, I don't think circumstances could be as difficult as ours: halfway across a Covid world whilst both initially jobless. It was hard but totally worth it- Allah hu Akbar.

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