A muzmatch Success Between Two Cultures

28 May

#muzmatchsuccess Youssef and Ellia 💜

Youssef and I met one week after we matched and we got married (religiously) about a month and a half later. The whole process happened very quickly and within a week we had met.

So I'm currently living and working in Bedford as a teaching assistant and a freelance designer/illustrator, my husband Youssef is living in London studying his masters at London School of Economics. He is also very passionate about languages and he has his own online business teaching French. On our first phone call, we discussed all the big questions and it was clear to see that we we're both two headstrong individuals ready to find our perfect spouses!

We definitely have a lot in common but there are also differences which compliment us both as a pair. Youssef is a very sporty and active person - he is a keen tennis player and an avid snowboarder. Youssef has a great passion for learning and inspiring people, which is so refreshing to see. I am more of the creative type, I love to think outside the box and be as imaginative as I can whilst trying to inspire people through my art. I am also very musical and I love to play the drums - I will teach Youssef to also master this instrument haha. Youssef is also currently teaching me Darijah (Morrocan dialect) -  Insh'allah we are inviting each other into our worlds and becoming stronger together.

It's amazing to be able to infuse two cultures together; I am a British Pakistani and Youssef is a Maghebri, born and raised in Morocco. Our nikkah was very small and intimate, a beautiful celebration bringing two souls together. In Morocco, we had a small celebration called a 'Dahlah' - this is a ceremony which welcomed me into Youssef's family and also celebrated us a married couple.

The wedding will be in Morocco this July Insh'allah. This will be a traditional Moroccan wedding which will incorporate elements of a traditional Pakistani wedding too.

Muzmatch gave us an opportunity we would not have found any other way and we are both very grateful for that. It was also a blessing to see that there are  people out there in their early twenties looking for marriage and ready to grow and learn together.

Insh'allah this will be a beautiful journey we will embark on together.

We cannot thank you enough for the chance you have given us. This has completely changed our lives for the better and we hope that more and more couples find happiness as we did. All thanks and praise to Allah of course, but we hope that you will be rewarded for your huge contribution. Keep working to make muzmatch a safe place for people that are genuinely looking for a muslim life partner.

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