Success stories

Heartwarming accounts of our many #muzmatchsuccess stories.

They Found a Second Chance at Love

I had been on the app on and off for 3 years, from 2015 to 2018, and had almost given up. Then I matched with him and it just seemed all perfect.

We both matched in Nov 2018, messaged on the app for over a month, and met in person in...

23 June

He Wasn't Over 6 foot but I Married Him...

I always imagined I would meet my husband in real life, most likely at university. I really expected it to go something like this: I would walk in on my very first day, drop a book, and out of nowhere my dream guy will pick it up for me. We lock...

9 June

They Prayed They'd Find Each Other

#muzmatchsuccess Zoheb & Arshiya 💜

"Remember me and I will remember you", Allah says in the Quran 2:152And I remembered my Rabb in every Salah and in every Sujood for a practicing spouse.

Allah remembered me as...

29 May

A muzmatch Success Between Two Cultures

#muzmatchsuccess Youssef and Ellia 💜

Youssef and I met one week after we matched and we got married (religiously) about a month and a half later. The whole process happened very quickly and within a week we had met.

So I'm currently...

28 May

Our Pakistani and Indonesian Love...

We matched on muzmatch and started chatting in August 2018. I was looking to enter into a halal relationship for the past five years and I've tried several Muslim matrimonial sites but then stumbled onto muzmatch. The app was very appealing to...

2 March

#muzmatchsuccess - How A Cancer...

Even after 45,000 marriages, we at muzmatch are still extremely touched when we read success stories from couples who found love on the app. But, Atfia and Azim’s love story is one of the most heartwarming journeys we’ve come across.

As a...

3 January

Don't deactivate your account...

Salaam! Me (Shazia) and Darrell both matched around September 2018 but never spoke to one another! We both stopped using muzmatch for a while. But, later in February (5 whole months later), he reactivated his account and I received a...

8 August

Wedding Bliss in Canada 🇨🇦...

Well, to sum up both of us is hard. We were both born in 1988, so I think this made it easier for us to communicate as we had lots in common. We both found out that we really really wanted to settle down and start investing in the future...

18 July

One-Week Married! #muzmatchsuccess

My husband and I got married last week! I wanted to share our story with you. Jarred and I started talking earlier this year and had an instant connection.

Jarred is from Connecticut and I'm from Texas. He was in Arkansas for school and...

21 May

Our Mixed Race Marriage #muzmatchsuccess

Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah and the muzmatch team!

I'm from Indonesia and my husband is from Germany, but he is Russian.

What a blessing it is to have a mixed raced marriage!

Fitri & Viktor

I knew my husband from...

20 May


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