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Heartwarming accounts of our many #muzmatchsuccess stories.

"Love Wins, COVID Loses"...

Muzmatch were lucky enough to have Sumayah and Tajammul share their muzmatch story with us! Not only did they match during lockdown but they also had a lockdown wedding (masks and all!)

We have the story from each of their...

25 September

I Blocked Him 3 Times And Still Married...

My name is Tamara, I live in Indonesia, I found my soulmate, my life partner, on muzmatch. His name is Mehmet, he’s from Turkey but he works in Thailand. I’m so grateful to Allah.

But in the beginning our love story was a little tough, I...

13 September

A Lockdown Wedding #muzmatchsuccess

My name is Sunita and he is Mirza. We are both from Bosnia & Herzegovina, but he is living in the United States.

He was in Bosnia when we started chatting for personal reasons. One month after we decided to meet and we clicked...

11 September

Married Over Skype!

I was a working lady, turned 33, and all of my cousins were getting married. My mother was starting to get worried that I wouldn’t find someone, but truly I didn’t want to get married as I was the breadwinner of my family for the past 14...

30 August

Married While Still a Student✨...

My names Ahtesham and I'm an IT constultant and Anamata is still in college studying Business and Law. I'm from Oshawa, Ontario and she's from Brampton, Ontario. We're both originally from Pakistan.

We started talking over...

19 August

Married In 3 Months! #muzmatchsuccess

Thank you for this wonderful app. This app helped me find my life partner. It took some time yet I was able to find my soulmate. I wish that you pray for us in your prayer so that our relationship is forever lasting (In sha Allah).

You guys...

14 August

They Found a Second Chance at Love

I had been on the app on and off for 3 years, from 2015 to 2018, and had almost given up. Then I matched with him and it just seemed all perfect.

We both matched in Nov 2018, messaged on the app for over a month, and met in person in...

23 June

He Wasn't Over 6 foot but I Married Him...

I always imagined I would meet my husband in real life, most likely at university. I really expected it to go something like this: I would walk in on my very first day, drop a book, and out of nowhere my dream guy will pick it up for me. We lock...

9 June

They Prayed They'd Find Each Other

#muzmatchsuccess Zoheb & Arshiya 💜

"Remember me and I will remember you", Allah says in the Quran 2:152And I remembered my Rabb in every Salah and in every Sujood for a practicing spouse.

Allah remembered me as...

29 May

A muzmatch Success Between Two Cultures

#muzmatchsuccess Youssef and Ellia 💜

Youssef and I met one week after we matched and we got married (religiously) about a month and a half later. The whole process happened very quickly and within a week we had met.

So I'm currently...

28 May


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