The Best Coronavirus Pickup Lines To Use On muzmatch

23 March

We're all in lockdown at the moment (if you're not, stay at home!), so what else is there to do besides spend all your time on muzmatch... right?! 👀 So here are some pickup lines you can use next time you're Instant Chatting someone to really impress.

You can’t spell quarantine without “u r a q t”

Are you a pandemic because you’ve got my heart on lockdown

We got 99 problems but our connection ain't one

If covid-19 doesn’t take you out.. can I?

You’re the only snacc I wanna stock up on!

I’m not sure if I’m blinded by your beauty or if that’s another side effect of Covid-19.

The Coronavirus might have shut everything down, but I’m still open for business.

Knock knock. Who’s there? Orange. Orange who? Orange you going to ask me to self-isolate with you?

I bet you’d look beautiful even with a face mask on.

The only thing not quarantined is my heart when I look at you.

Do you know CPR? Because you take my breath away!

But the best pickup line has to be...

I have toilet paper.

Disclaimer: Please do not use these pickup lines, we actually want you to find success on our app. This was just for a bit of comic relief during these depressing days.

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