20 muzmatch Tips to Find the One in 2020

28 December

"The magic in new beginnings is truly the most powerful of them all." - Josiyah Martin

It's almost a brand new year! If you struggled in 2019 to find your perfect Muslim spouse, then 2020 is a fresh start for you 🙌 More people than ever are meeting their partners online these days and the taboo of using apps such as muzmatch are slowly but surely being diminished. But finding someone right for you on an app can still be difficult considering you'll probably swipe left a lot of times before finding the one that makes you want to swipe right. We wanted to help you start the new year on the right note, so here's 20 tips from us on finding the one on muzmatch in 2020 (get it? 😜)

  1. Always remember not to make finding your Muslim spouse the centre of your life, take care of yourself first!
  2. First impressions aren't always what they seem
  3. Ask lots of meaty questions to see if you're both compatible
  4. Aka, don't get stuck in the small talk
  5. Write a good bio - check out our tips here
  6. Be clear about what you're looking for
  7. But also stay open minded!
  8. Nail your opening line and make it personal to them
  9. Don't ghost, because what goes around comes around
  10. Pick good quality pictures that show who you are
  11. That means no blurry pictures!
  12. Dating app fatigue is real, so take a break if you need to
  13. Increase your distance and age settings, it may surprise you who you find
  14. Handle rejection with class and don't take it personally
  15. Meet up fairly quickly, as you'll more likely know if they're the one face to face
  16. Listen, listen, listen!
  17. If it sounds like a red flag, speaks like a red flag, run
  18. And on that note, make sure to trust your gut, it's normally never wrong
  19. Take a look at their badges, are they shown to be serious and showing good behaviour?
  20. Stay positive and keep patient, your time will come inshAllah.

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