Exploring the ins and outs of the many relationships in our lives - be it romantic, friendships or families.

Dear muzmatch: Tired Of Being Rejected!

It's finally here! The agony aunt you never knew you needed 😉

For a long while now we have been receiving emails, requests, DMs for relationship advice, so we are officially launching our very own advice column. We are here to answer all...

7 July

Love After Lockdown: What To Expect

Lockdown regulations are starting to ease around the world, HOORAY!!!

Do you know what this means? That after weeks of getting to know your match through text and video call, you can finally meet them in person!


6 July

7 Things You Can Do to Protect a...

Marriages are hard. While they're beautiful and rewarding, they can be quite a bumpy road for most couples. Married people have to invest a lot of energy and hard work into keeping their marriage happy and successful. But, sooner or later, every...

26 June

Enough With The Lies!

A few days ago we conducted a twitter poll asking people whether they would lie about meeting their spouse on muzmatch. It was so refreshing to see that the majority of people would rather tell the truth than make up a story about how they...

24 June

The Expectations of Marriage VS. Reality

Back when I was growing up, people often worried about the dangers of romanticising marriage. But I think we’re beyond that now. If anything, marriage is quite scary for a lot of people.

Nowadays, if you asked a group of mature adults what...

20 June

6 Common Messaging Mistakes and How to...

In 2020, masterful messaging is an essential skill. If you know what to write in the message and how to write it, you have higher chances to succeed in online dating and life.

Do you send a bunch of messages every day but get no replies?...

16 June

Girls, it is time to make the first move

Recently we asked on a twitter poll “who should make the first move after matching?” Unsurprisingly, the overwhelming answer was that the man should. Even the option to not talk at all received more votes than women making the first...

13 June

Are They Into Me, Or Are They Bored?

You’ve matched with someone. The conversation is flowing, and you've really hit it off...but there’s still this one lingering thought in the back of your mind that you just can't seem to shake off.

“Do they really like me, or are they just...

12 June

6 Fun Virtual Date Ideas

Okay, so you've been chatting to someone on muzmatch for a few weeks now. You've finally built up the courage to ask them for a Video Call and they've said YES. But now what? What do you do on the video date? If you're asking yourself these...

30 May

How to Get Ready for Your First...

Have you heard? muzmatch now has FREE video calling! It goes without saying that the world has changed a lot in the past few weeks, but one thing that’ll never change is our need to make real connections with each other. So we hope that our new...

27 May


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