Introducing Video Calling - Take Things to the Next Level with a Video Date on muzmatch

27 May

Okay, so you’re chatting with someone on muzmatch, sparks are flying, you two have a really good vibe in your messages, but you want to take it to the next level. What do you do?

It goes without saying that the world has changed a lot in the past few weeks, but one thing that’ll never change is our need to make real connections with each other. Talking to someone face-to-face is a great way to uncover the person behind the selfie and make sure you see eye-to-eye about your journey to marriage.

That’s why we’re excited to launch our new FREE Video Calling feature so you can instantly start video or voice calls with your Matches without ever having to give your phone number away.

Over two thirds of users we surveyed responded that they’re finding it difficult to find a spouse without face to face contact. That’s why our team has worked incredibly hard over the last few weeks to bring free Video Calls directly to muzmatch for all our members worldwide.

Free, Safe and Halal

Keeping you safe as you search for your perfect match is at the centre of everything we do (because let’s face it, there are some not so perfect people out there too!).

Choose which Matches can call you and which can’t. You’ll have complete control over who you want to talk to, without ever having to sacrifice your privacy by revealing personal information like phone numbers or emails.

Video calling help keep the dating process Halal. Instead of meeting up with multiple people to see if they’re the right one, you can make these decisions quicker and smarter with a tap of a button.

We think making those real connections are so important, we’ve made Video Calling completely FREE for ALL USERS.

Start Calling Today in a Few Quick Steps!

  • Update to the latest version of muzmatch
  • Quickly smarten up, get out of those PJs and get ready to impress! Check out our best tips here.
  • Tap the Video or Voice Call icons in the Chat with one of your Matches
  • Your Match will need to approve the call (so make sure you’ve been making all the right moves)
  • Start chatting!

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