Don't deactivate your account! #muzmatchsuccess

8 August

Salaam! Me (Shazia) and Darrell both matched around September 2018 but never spoke to one another! We both stopped using muzmatch for a while. But, later in February (5 whole months later), he reactivated his account and I received a notification. I sent him a message and we talked for hours and then moved to text messages. We had our first FaceTime the next day. We were talking all day using all methods of communication. Then one day, he came out to visit me by mid-April. When I met him,  

I knew he was the one.

After Eid al Fitr, he came to see my parents and our engagement was approved! We are now getting married this November insha'Allah. He will be moving from Michigan to Bellingham (that's over 2000 miles)!

From the beginning things were so natural and up until now things have been so smooth.

We can’t wait to start our new lives together.

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