Don’t be THAT guy on muzmatch!

3 June

Profile Mistakes To Avoid

“Dear brothers and sisters, actually no. This article is specifically targeted at brothers. Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullah. Please note, this piece of advice is written with sincere honesty and concern, so if you cannot handle this please bear with me and read till the end where I will suggest ways on how to utilise your profiles.

muzmatch is a fantastic platform for Muslims, especially for those juggling proposals shown by parents and rishta aunties, or working in environments where it’s highly unlikely to meet someone etc. Currently, in times where fitnah is great, and marriage is becoming increasingly expensive, muzmatch is a light of hope. If your niyyah (intention) is right.

Being a user of the app myself, I have had a varied experience. From the positive to the negative, everything has helped me develop my muzmatch profile.

So, from my own vast interactions, I’ve gathered some pointers for you to benefit from; these apply to sisters too!

How To Have A Good muzmatch Bio:

Avoid Gibberish

  • Avoid ‘zzzlllo0098484…!!2,,,%’ or ‘I am just typing this to try and meet the characters so my profile can go live’ when trying to meet the character requirement. It shows immaturity, but also that perhaps you’re lost for words and lack substance. It is better to put a brief introduction of yourself and what you are seeking.

English Please…

  • Spelling and grammar. Let me explain. Having spelling and grammar mistakes is fine and we will blame lack of coffee for it. But once you realise, please go back and make amendments. Don’t be lazy. If your profile is well written but you have an awkward photo up, I’m likely to still tick you (in hope that you will add more photos eventually).

The Right Etiquette

  • Profiles that say anything except, hit me up on Instagram. Seriously?
  • Dormant users. Those who swipe you, you swipe them back. You message them, and it seems as if they’ve vanished from earth.
  • One worded replies. I don’t know how this works. I cannot fathom how developments can be made with one worded replies. I would like to believe that I can build a rapport, but it is so difficult to engage in a conversation when the replies are closed. This is also time wasting. Nobody placed a gun to your head to like my profile. Please have some manners.

Which Photos Should You Add To Your Profile?

Pictures, pictures, pictures!

  • Pictures, ah! Avoid cat/dog/tree filters. It’s not appropriate. I understand that you’re trying to show a ‘fun’ side to your personality but this is not the way to represent that.
  • Pictures again! Pictures that show your face would help. I can’t judge if I want to continue the conversation or even like your profile based on a picture of an eye, maybe not even yours? Or a picture of a BMW, Mercedes, scooter. I’ve seen it all. muzmatch offers a blurred photo option for those concerned about their cousins spotting them. Jokes apart, your photo represents you. Be careful with what you put up.
  • Pictures again! I do love a good picture.

How To Start A Conversation On muzmatch?

Let’s Talk

  • Conversation starters. This is the key to determine whether I will continue the conversation. I don’t really follow the protocol of ‘men should start the conversation’ I usually start the conversation first. A recent conversation went like this…

  • me: Salaam, how are you?


I unmatched but I let him know he lacked manners. Basic Islamic manners. Failure to respond to the salaam, followed by a demand.

  • Conversations. Marriage is a contract between two people, bearing this in mind your conversation should be professional and formal especially at the start of getting to know someone. Writing full words, in full sentences really does make a difference. ‘u gd’ would get unmatched whereas ‘how are you?’ will have my attention. See the difference.

To the brothers who show good character and conduct with transparency, I applaud you. You give me hope.

Our faith and tawakkul in Allah will be rewarded respectively. If Allah swt is making you wait, be prepared to receive something far greater than your imagination. Have immense sabr, make countless dua and revise intentions. May we all find righteous spouses who can be the coolness of our eyes In Sha Allah.

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Getting Matches can take time. Do ensure your profile is the best it can be with great photos and a catchy bio.
Try widening your filters, ensure all sections are completed fully and your profile photos show you in your best light. First impressions count 😀.

  • Are muzmatch profiles real/ are there fake profiles on muzmatch?

Our community team checks each and every profile to make sure the selfie verification matches with the photos on the profile, making sure there are no fake profiles on the app. Our members safety if very important to us, so if you spot anything that seems suspicious, please do report it, or email us at

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