With Love, From Shaz

30 December

2020 hasn't been easy

Salaam, it’s Shahzad here - founder of muzmatch.

It is safe to say Allah really threw us all a huge test this year. He tested our faith, our reliance on Him and our need to realise just how fragile our world really is - despite all the advances of technology and all our human ingenuity.

Many of you lost family members to COVID, indeed even members of our team and their families were affected by it. Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un.  To Him we belong and to Him we do return. Never did the meaning of those words hit home as much as they did this year.

The important thing though, as ever, is to always remain positive. To be optimistic always. To trust in the goodness of Allah’s plan.  

For the muzmatch team, this was the attitude we adopted.  As we all shifted to working from home this year, the initial excitement of change, of working somewhat comfortably at home was something we all enjoyed.  

It was rather quick before that evolved to feelings of fatigue and loneliness - with many of us not physically being able to see each other and work together. As our team grew (now 50 strong), many new hires began working on our mission having never met anyone in person. That’s not easy.

But we remained strong, and focused on our mission - to help transform how Muslims meet and marry.

We kicked off the year with muzmatch 3.0 - a completely revamped app that you have all loved!  Profiles looked more beautiful and easy to read.

As soon as lockdown began for us in the UK, we sat down and thought of all the ways we could help you all connect, and ensure that the search for your partner could still continue despite the lockdown restrictions.

We immediately set about building free Video and voice calls in muzmatch, making sure we designed it where you always had full control over who could call you.

We then cracked on with letting you share images, videos, gifs and voice notes, all with obscenity detection as standard.

And you guys really loved it all!

You’ve had over 20 YEARS of calls on muzmatch in just 8 months.  

You’ve recorded over a year's worth of voice notes in just 2 months.

You’ve shared hundreds of thousands of photos and GIFs!

We listened to you and made positive changes to our ethnicity filters to make sure as many of you felt better represented and able to find each other.  

We worked on making the app more secure with automatic face detection in the security selfie screen.  We’ve got a lot more we are working on behind the scenes on this front too.

We redesigned the way you can report issues to our team so it is now even easier to get assistance.  

We take your safety and security seriously.  It is our duty to be there for you as you go on your search to find a life partner on muzmatch.  

We rebuilt our community management team, and now have an 11 strong female only customer support team, and have set ourselves a target of responding to all of your reports and requests within 24 hours. We have also spent a lot of time ensuring that the quality of your support is always improving.  

Our most proud moment this year was down to the amazing generosity shown by you - our community of members.  Together, with muzmatch matching donations during Ramadan, we raised a total of $166,000 to build a school for underprivileged children in Pakistan.  A few weeks ago we shared our first project update, with actual construction finally beginning!

Alhamdullilah! For muzmatch to even be in a position to match your donations is something we are incredibly thankful for.

So as this year comes to a close, we say Alhamdullilah for everything, the good and the bad.  We give thanks for all the blessings we have.  We open our eyes to all the blessings we don’t even normally think about.  

muzmatch will look to 2021 with increased ambition, a much bigger team, and an even hungrier focus to truly transform how Muslims meet and marry.  

We've some incredibly exciting things we cannot wait to bring to you all next year.

We thank you all for all of your feedback and support this year, and we pray you all stay safe and enjoy the holidays.

With love and duas


Founder & CEO, muzmatch

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