How to Survive Christmas as a Muslim

24 December

Christmas is one of those topics that Muslims all around the world can have very different opinions on. Some Muslims in the community go all in and embrace the Christmas vibes from putting up a tree to cooking up a huge Christmas (halal) dinner! Others on the other hand avoid it like the plague due to the connotations of Christmas with Christianity (although, debatable). But, if you live in a Western country, it's also something that can't be avoided. So here's a few tips on how to survive Christmas as a Muslim, especially if you or your family fall into the latter type!

Spend Time With Family And Friends

Even if you don't do the whole Christmas shebang, you can still embrace family time which is what makes this time of year so special. If you live in a Western country, you'll most likely have Christmas Day and Boxing Day holidays. Meaning that everyones going to be at home chilling, because well... theres nothing else to do! So make sure to soak up the rare time off you have by catching up with the people you can't see too often because of everything that takes up your time during the rest of the year like school, work or just life.

Get On muzmatch

Now you just know this list wouldn't be the same if we didn't add this in! What better time to download muzmatch and get swiping to find your life partner than now?! You've got time off; you'll probably be bored at some point and it's almost a brand new year. Don't start it single! Start 2020 with a bang (not literally of course).

Watch All The Movies

There are so many good movies on this time of year. Classics such as Home Alone and Harry Potter just feel so cosy and nostalgic that you'll want to just curl up with a hot chocolate in front of the fire and not move all day. Which is what this time of year is all about in our opinion!

Embrace The Haters

Unfortunately, whether you do or do not choose to celebrate Christmas, Muslims get hate either way sometimes. Some non-Muslims may say we don't have the right to celebrate Christmas, or berate us for not celebrating at all. We also get hate sometimes from our own Muslim brothers and sisters if we decide to or not partake. But always remember that aggressive behaviour is contrary to Islamic teachings. Instead, use these opportunities as a way to start important conversations by opening up about your beliefs and begin breaking down barriers that can exist.

Start Thinking About The New Year

This time of year is also a great time to start reflecting on how you feel this year has gone and what you have achieved. It is also a good time to start thinking about how you can make next year even better and improve yourself both in this life and also for the afterlife. So lets get started on that new year's resolution list which we all know will last approximately a week into January.

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