Discussions surrounding difficult issues within the Muslim community.

Do You Even Cook?

Do you cook? He asks, less than an hour into our back-and-forth text conversation. It comes after we jump over his either flirty or dorky opening line, and slide past pleasantries about the weather in his state, or mine.

If I’m in a good...

26 August

International Cat Day and Islam

It’s International Cat Day!!

Yes, there really is a day to celebrate everything and anything lol. But we should take this opportunity to ruminate over how our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) loved cats and treated them with the utmost care...

8 August

7 Must Share Memes to Make Your Eid!

Eid Mubarak to all our amazing brothers and sisters 🎉  We hope you all have a lovely day Inshallah. May Allah bless us, keep us in the best of health, and answer all our prayers ❤️️

This Eid feels slightly bitter-sweet due to the...

31 July

The Anti-Black racism when it comes to...

Let's not beat around the bush - as a British Muslim of Pakistani origin, I know first hand that both Asians and Arabs can be incredibly racist towards their own kind, however unashamedly more so towards those who are Black.  

Let’s first...

6 June

Lockdown Eid: Tips on Spending Eid at...

For many of us around the world, Eid is going to be a lonelier experience this year. With most countries still in somewhat of a lockdown, we've got to adapt like we did for Ramadan.

Despite not being able to pray together in the Mosque, or...

21 May

Living Harmoniously In A Lockdown

You’ve always known that the road to a happy relationship is long — but nothing tests your love more than facing your husband or wife 24/7, round the clock, in an enclosed space with only so many rooms to separate you.

So, let’s cut to it ...

8 April

Struggling with self-isolation? The...

Guest post by Sara Wazifdar, Trustee, Muslim Youth Helpline

For hundreds and thousands of centuries, face to face interactions and human touch have allowed us to connect, develop deep and meaningful relationships and to understand ourselves...

4 April

Why Does God Describe Husbands & Wives...

We've all either recited or at least heard the famous verse in Surah al-Baqarah:

"They (women) are garments for you (men) and you are garments for them." [2:187]

What is peculiar about this verse is why Allah chose the word 'libas'...

30 March

The Story of Lady Aisha: A Woman of...

The contributions of Aisha, the wife of Prophet Muhammad and the daughter of Abu Bakr, cannot be exhausted. ‘Aisha’s entire life was spent pursuing, preserving and bestowing knowledge. She held in her heart the early secrets of the Muslims and...

27 March

The Power of Sisterhood | #SayItSis

When it comes to acknowledging each other’s differences and fighting for equality, community plays an integral role in working towards a better world for everyone. Sisterhood is one that is widely acknowledged yet extremely undervalued and its...

5 March


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