It’s Never Too Late to Find Love

Who said only young people use marriage apps?

“Age is just a number,” as the adage goes, and it couldn’t be truer when it comes to love. Nabilah, 57, and Yusuf, 67 were not expecting to find love again at their age, but despite their reservations, were able to connect through muzmatch and get swiftly married. We couldn’t be more thrilled for the newlyweds and wish them a happy life together insha’Allah.

Here’s the moving story of how Nabilah and Yusuf met as told by Nabilah’s daughter, Yasmina.

My mum and dad got divorced when I was 13 years old (I’m 29 now). My father remarried while my mum went on to live a normal and simple life as a single mum. For years, she never even thought about meeting someone new. She’s in her late 50s and gave up on love a long time ago. Instead, she spent her time looking after her young grandkids.

Then one Eid, the whole family got together and my mum asked my cousin “when are you going to get married aye?” My cousin replied “you first aunty” and we all laughed.

That night my sister and I decided to take action. Together we made a muzmatch profile for mum and we swiped the night away! Then Yusuf appeared on the screen. His bio said he was an older man, a Hajji, prays five times a day, enjoys going to the gym and travelling. We swiped right and it was a match! We got my mum to have a look, and she exclaimed: “NO WAY AM I EVEN GOING TO THINK ABOUT MARRIAGE!!!” She went on with excuses like, “look at my age!” “What would people think?” “How can I get married before my own daughter?” “Pfft no way!” But later that night, she messaged him and he messaged her back.

Within a week they went on their first date. It was at, wait for it, PIZZA HUT! LOL! #adorable

I got my mum glammed up and my sister dropped her off. We waited patiently by our phones for the verdict. She finally called. My mum said nervously: “He just dropped me off home. I feel weird. He shook my hand and I cringed! I can’t ever let a man touch me! I tried it, I did it and I won’t do it again.”

But Allah created us in pairs…no matter your age right?”

They continued to speak on the phone because my mum didn’t know how to tell him to, excuse my french, “bugger off”.

We began to learn more about Yusuf and found out he was a widower. He also had 8 kids! Luckily, they were all around my age. I welcomed this news and got excited about the prospect of having a bigger family. I always wanted more brothers and sisters, but I didn’t want to get my hopes high because I knew mum wouldn’t go ahead with it.

She then called me out the blue a week later. She had invited him to come to my house for dinner so that he could meet all of my brothers and sisters. I couldn’t believe it. Huh? When? How? She told me that she just wanted to meet him one more time and get our opinion.

Yusuf arrived and he brought his son with him. We all hit it off and then out the blue (again!) they agreed to get married! Just like that. At my dining table! 

I nearly spat my kebab out.”

Since they got married they have been living happily ever after!

Thank you muzmatch for making my Mum smile again!

P.S. My stepbrother and I are BEST MATES!

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33 Responses

  1. Shalia Ratliff says:

    How beautiful sister Alhumdila!!! May Allah(swt) find us single bro and sis our match so we can be a pair…

  2. Shafiq says:

    “I nearly spat my kebab out” Hahahahahahaha

    It is so true that some people give up because of their age or what other people might say. Well….. Alhamdulilah

  3. Alishah Ali says:

    I hope your mum and your new dad always be happy, healthy and have a very lovely relationship for the rest of their life’s together, Ameen and I pray that may Allah always protect them from all the evil eyes if this world Ameen

  4. Ahmed says:

    Good to know that your mom got married.

    But as a practicing Muslim I’d advice you all that never touch anyone who is not your Mahram, your mom touched your step dad before marriage, so tell her to ask for forgiveness to Allah, the Almighty.

    And those whom you are calling brother, your step dad’s sons, they’re actually not your Mahram and they can marry you, so stay away from them.

    Here’s a link from Islam QA:

  5. Safiya says:

    Awww. Masha Allah soo touching. I wish everyone the best of luck in their search. Cheers.

  6. Humeera says:

    MashAllah soo happy for them what a lovely 💖 story and they all gained so much from the happy ending. 😀

  7. Aniqa says:

    Omg, that is awesome Masha Allah 😁😁😁. May Allah bless them with peace and happiness, Ameen.

  8. Rukaya says:

    Mashallah such a sweet inspiring story!! 😍

  9. Ayman says:

    Mashallah . Alhamdurillah ya Allah 🙂

  10. I'm A says:

    awww this is really really sweet MasyaAllah, I wanna cry.

  11. Mansoor ahmad says:

    Mahshallh its good news
    I useing this app like 2 mounts
    Sweap many people but now one interst me
    Becuse of may conuntriy thy aer is world allha well ask i serioues to marrige but no one want me in this app

  12. Qadir Ali says:

    Lonely people love each other

  13. I need a good relationship all life then i will marry so talk to me my whatsapp number

  14. s38 says:

    Alhamdulillah a heartwarming story, put a smile to my face. In a day and age where women are considered worthless past 30, it just proves one must never lose hope in the Mercy of Allah swt, He for sure has better plans for us, whether your 17 or 67, if it’s destined, it’ll happen, inshaAllah!

  15. s38 says:

    Alhamdulillah a heartwarming story, put a smile to my face. In a day and age where women are considered worthless past 30, it just proves one must never lose hope in the Mercy of Allah swt, He for sure has better plans for us, whether ur 17 or 67, if it’s destined, it’ll happen, inshaAllah!

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  20. Rabi says:

    I have a success story too from Muzmatch. Thank you Muzmatch.

  21. Walid Fathi says:

    Mashallah, wish you a happiness in your life…

  22. Purest heart says:

    MashaAllah.. Nice change in lifetime.
    Hhmm.i m at 50th…not so easy like the story of that..
    Hhhmmm..hardly to find my imam either!!! 😣

    InshaAllah hoping…

  23. Noor Noriz says:

    Peaceful always
    Purest heart ♥

  24. Mohammed says:

    my nam mohamed 50years want marriage

  25. basma says:

    hi every one mashaalah it’s so good to see that

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