#muzmatchsuccess: Riana and Keenan


Congratulations to Riana and Keenan on their marriage.

The muzmatch team are extremely pleased, and we wish Riana and Keenan all the best in their journey together as husband and wife, insha’Allah.

We pray Allah makes it a union filled with love and tranquility, ameen. Here is their story, from Riana.

I am Riana from Indonesia, I started using muzmatch in November 2016. I created a profile with my photo and a simple bio. I prayed I could find my spouse through this app. Alhamdulilah, Allah answered my prayers on December 8 2016, just a month later.


I met Keenan. He is from the Netherlands. After we Matched on muzmatch, we began chatting, and then moved onto video calls. He is truly a gift for me sent from Allah; he knows me, and knows how I am feeling and what I am thinking, even before I tell him. Subhan’Allah, I just had this feeling that he was the one for me.

My family were concerned as we had met online, and there are many misconceptions about meeting people online, especially when we were 1000’s of miles away from each other too. Anyway, we got to know each other and after 6 months, in June 2017, Keenan travelled 12,000km to Indonesia and come visit me and my family. We got engaged and celebrated Eid together, it was like a dream.

Two months later, in September 2017, Keenan’s parents invited me to visit the Netherlands. I never thought I would step foot in Europe… let alone marry someone from there! But Allah says in Sura’ Yasin: Kun fayakūn (Be, and it is). Alhamdulilah.

Keenan and I then organised and arranged for my paperwork, as I intend to live in the Netherlands with him following our wedding. We recently got married in October 2018 in Indonesia, please pray for us. Thank you muzmatch, you made my dreams come true.








The muzmatch app is where Single Muslims meet. Halal, free and fun, thousands of members find their partner on muzmatch. Alhamdullilah over 15,000 people have found their partner on muzmatch around the world! Quality profiles, advanced filters, photo privacy, and cutting edge security make it easy to help you find the ONE.

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65 Responses

  1. Amine says:

    Wow that’s beautiful! Allahomma ostor Ala kol Al Muslimeen Warzokhom min fathlika ye rab!

  2. Emad Sharif says:


  3. Hossain says:

    Almighty allah bless them

  4. Sayyid says:

    Masha Allah

  5. endrit says:

    thats nice, who gonna merry me?

  6. Ahmed says:

    May god bless your next life and give you the good birth

  7. Hussain Ali says:

    Alhamdulillah may Allah bless you two Insha-allah

  8. Sehar says:

    MashAllah! May Allah bless the couple

  9. Gelistya says:

    I have been using muzmatch almost 1 year but didn’t find my half yet. Wish me luck like her 😀

  10. Mona says:

    MashaAllah, Alhamdulillah. May Allah makes it easy for all of us in our journey.

  11. Nosaa says:

    Mashallah May Allah blesses u both.. btw selamat ya sis mugi enggal di bere keturunan ## sunda language😁😁😁

  12. Dhinie says:

    Alhamdulillah, I hope I can be lucky meet my match patner for life to here. Ameen InshaAllah

  13. Hasan says:

    May all mighty Allah shower them with his blessings

  14. Noorini says:

    Inchallah one day I will my find my white prince so I can leave this ugly third world country amen.

  15. rashed says:

    I’ve been on this app so long nothing exciting so far. just so many picky and materialistic girls on it . but it’s ok I’m a man in any case it’s easier for men

  16. Abdalla says:

    الف مبروك وارزقهم الله الخلف الصالح امين

  17. Sofiat says:

    May Allah bless your union…. And i hope i find my own spouse too very soon..

  18. Dyah murbarani says:

    Alhamdulillah, congratulations rana and keenan

  19. Nurra says:

    Alhamdulillah….. Sister u made it!

  20. Enes says:

    You should be ashamed that you promote that which is haram eg talking without mahram like these people did with video calls. So many haram is done through this media yet they promote it as halal simply because they are making money.

  21. Myla says:

    Iv been on here for how many years and no luck…ugh. I know I can be a bit fussy when it comes to looks but even saying that I dropped my type/standards and still no luck. Anyways why should I drop the type I want I have to be attracted to someone. If it never happens then so what my life will still go on.

  22. MR REVERT says:

    I’m a revert guy too who lives in UK. I’m 25 and hoping to find a wife too inshallah

  23. Massi says:

    Is it real ? I have been useing this app for a long time but i didnt find anyone yet

    • Mrs. Shaikh says:

      Definitely real, I met my husband also at Muzmatch, He’s live at German and I’m at Indonesia, we met 1st time on march 2018 and we got merried on june 2018 nothing is impossible if both of us are meant for each other. Because with Allah everything has a purpose.

  24. Mohamed says:

    Mnsha Allah

  25. Usama says:

    MashAllah….. Pray for mine too

  26. Ahmad says:

    masha Allah 💑

  27. Ahmad says:

    بَارَكَ اللّٰہُ لَكَ وَبَارَكَ عَلَيْكُمَا وَجَمَعَ بَيْنَكُمَا فِي خَيْرٍ

  28. Happy says:

    Put a sock in it and move with the times. It is diffocult enough to find a spouse and people lile you clearly use it but quicl to judge. The creator is provodong a service, thats better than the aunty jees out there who tell all the woman to tale the first choice, based on age discrimination, fairness and darkers shades of skin, to jobs and money.

    At these this app gives women options to find a guy thats more on her level than go for someone under her level.

    So what if they spoke on skype, they got married. how do you expect people to get to know each other…. through a curtain? Maybe she didnt habe a mehram… Not everyone has a mehram, you are dated to think that everything needs to be militant. your thoughts are not practical with todays days and age.

    They got married Alhamdulillah. Thats all that matters.

    why dont you talk about some of the men that abuse this app qnd treat it like some non islamic platform to gain unislamic gratification, becuase thry are so dumb and have a village mentality?

    in fact, why you here Enes?

    • Diamond says:

      exactly what i wanted to say.. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Go happy!!
      Well, to the love birds congratz! May Allah bless you alwayz..
      and to the rest of us, good luck and keep the faith 🙏🏻

  29. Ahmad says:

    enjoy life

  30. Adeel says:

    Enjoy have a lovely life

  31. Phajad says:

    MashAllah East Asian Muslims are very accepting towards male reverts. Middle eastern and South Asian Muslims should take note

    • Asa says:

      As a South Asian, I think we assume (probably incorrectly) the cultural barrier is too strong to overcome. For example a Caucasian/ African American might find nothing wrong with calling his in laws by their name whereas it would freak out any Indian parent lol. Of course an adjusting and compromising couple can easily take on those challenges but things like visible tattoos and bringing along a pet dog can be difficult. Personally, I have a hint of an accent that makes me too self conscious around American borns to feel like I’m on equal footing and there would be no way I would move out of the States to follow a guy. I feel that women (and men) from third world countries are not so fussy nor as self conscious because they know priority is moving to a place where they, and their future children, can have a better life. I really gotta learn from that kind of an attitude and stop throwing away my life waiting for the perfect complimentary man lol.

      • ShahbazRasheed says:

        I dont like to be judgemental but what you said is accurate, that was nice. Compatibility and Compromise are two different things and knowing this will make life way easier.

  32. In all fairness, Muzmatch is a descent app with a descent business model compared to it’s competitors. It’s easy to use with a clean user interface. And you can talk to your match without needing to pay anything. Not many services offer that.

    And no I’m not part of their marketing team. But just scrolling through the google review is a source for amusement.

    So it does beg the question, why do the vast majority of members unsuccessful in finding a partner? Why are stories like this not very common?

    Maybe it’s not always someone else’s fault?

    Just a thought

  33. Miryem says:

    بارك الله لهما و بارك عليهما و جمع بينهما في خير

  34. Ayni says:

    Alhamdulillah.. Allah unite them in dunya, may Allah keep it stay till Jannah.. And i wish I could have a wonderful story like Riana and Keenan..

  35. Umair Mir says:

    Allhumdulilah. May you guys live long happiest life and Allah may give you guys whats best for you and others also. Ameen. Wish you happy marriage life

  36. Abdul miah says:

    Salaam, could you please get in contact with me on WhatsApp: +447498957278
    Alternatively on Instagram @abdul.miah1
    Regards to me sending you my Marriage CV insha’Allah I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards Abdul.

  37. SFNR says:

    Masha Allah


  38. Mila says:

    Wow… I am speechless.. congrats to both of you hope have a great new life till death do they are apart. Actually i am little bit jeaoules to you how come you have a wonderful life? I wish i have the same like yours. Ameen .. my number +6282332127909

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