Don’t be THAT guy on muzmatch!


“Dear brothers and sisters, actually no. This article is specifically targeted at brothers. Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullah. Please note, this piece of advice is written with sincere honesty and concern, so if you cannot handle this please bear with me and read till the end where I will suggest ways on how to utilise your profiles.

muzmatch is a fantastic platform for Muslims, especially for those juggling proposals shown by parents and rishta aunties, or working in environments where it’s highly unlikely to meet someone etc. Currently, in times where fitnah is great, and marriage is becoming increasingly expensive, muzmatch is a light of hope. If your niyyah (intention) is right

Being a user of the app myself, I have had a varied experience. From the positive to the negative, everything has helped me develop my muzmatch profile.

So, from my own vast interactions, I’ve gathered some pointers for you to benefit from; these apply to sisters too!

Avoid Gibberish

  • Avoid ‘zzzlllo0098484…!!2,,,%’ or ‘I am just typing this to try and meet the characters so my profile can go live’ when trying to meet the character requirement. It shows immaturity, but also that perhaps you’re lost for words and lack substance. It is better to put a brief introduction of yourself and what you are seeking.

Pictures, pictures, pictures!

  • Pictures, ah! Avoid cat/dog/tree filters. It’s not appropriate. I understand that you’re trying to show a ‘fun’ side to your personality but this is not the way to represent that.
  • Pictures again! Pictures that show your face would help. I can’t judge if I want to continue the conversation or even like your profile based on a picture of an eye, maybe not even yours? Or a picture of a BMW, Mercedes, scooter. I’ve seen it all. muzmatch offers a blurred photo option for those concerned about their cousins spotting them. Jokes apart, your photo represents you. Be careful with what you put up.
  • Pictures again! I do love a good picture.

English Please…

  • Spelling and grammar. Let me explain. Having spelling and grammar mistakes is fine and we will blame lack of coffee for it. But once you realise, please go back and make amendments. Don’t be lazy. If your profile is well written but you have an awkward photo up, I’m likely to still tick you (in hope that you will add more photos eventually).

The Right Etiquette

  • Profiles that say anything except, hit me up on Instagram. Seriously?
  • Dormant users. Those who swipe you, you swipe them back. You message them, and it seems as if they’ve vanished from earth.
  • One worded replies. I don’t know how this works. I cannot fathom how developments can be made with one worded replies. I would like to believe that I can build a rapport, but it is so difficult to engage in a conversation when the replies are closed. This is also time wasting. Nobody placed a gun to your head to like my profile. Please have some manners.

Let’s Talk

  • Conversation starters. This is the key to determine whether I will continue the conversation. I don’t really follow the protocol of ‘men should start the conversation’ I usually start the conversation first. A recent conversation went like this… me: Salaam, how are you? Brother: NEED TO SEE PICS ASAP. I unmatched but I let him know he lacked manners. Basic Islamic manners. Failure to respond to the salaam, followed by a demand.

  • Conversations. Marriage is a contract between two people, bearing this in mind your conversation should be professional and formal especially at the start of getting to know someone. Writing full words, in full sentences really does make a difference. ‘u gd’ would get unmatched whereas ‘how are you?’ will have my attention. See the difference.


To the brothers who show good character and conduct with transparency, I applaud you. You give me hope.

Our faith and tawakkul in Allah will be rewarded respectively. If Allah swt is making you wait, be prepared to receive something far greater than your imagination. Have immense sabr, make countless dua and revise intentions. May we all find righteous spouses who can be the coolness of our eyes In Sha Allah.

Your sister in Islam.”

If you have a story to share or would like to write a piece for our blog, email us:

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89 Responses

  1. Mostafa says:

    Salam everybody 😊
    Allah knows my intentions that I want a serious relationship leads to a marriage upon to our religion’s rules so who is seriousle pleas contact via Insta: Mostafa.kamal2
    My area is: the US And Canada too

  2. Sis says:

    Hit the nail on the head! Feel like I’ve written this article, I thought it was only me but such a huge relief to know other people experience such nonsense! Thank you!

    • Another sis says:

      Exactly my thoughts!! I can relate to every single one of these experiences! I’m also getting rather frustrated by the amount of guys that obviously just tick every profile & only read once matched…or unmatch without even a courtesy message! A lot of inconsiderate & impolite people, but just about keeping my faith! 😉

      • Sis says:

        Yep same here. End of the day this is a trial and a hardship, and should be a part of your life. Not the be all end all of your life! Keep the faith, he is somewhere out there sis app or not!!

  3. Farrukh says:

    Very nice article actually you are right its a good plateform for marriage. But i think people are using this app like instagram and tinder. Remember whats the purpose of this app when you are using this app. Don’t treat that you have another social app. To be very honest i am also really struggling for my marriage I installed this for hope. So in the end please do try to use this for the purpose not like a social app

    • Juwairiyah says:

      I agree. I feel that people are not using this app for what it was intended to be used for. It’s really difficult finding a partner when people don’t take the app seriously.

  4. Mei says:

    lol seriously exactly my thoughts!

    People aren’t serious on this app. Guys are wasting time.

    It’s sad that men don’t know what responsibility and respect are.

    May everyone have the right intentions!

    • Mike says:

      As salaamu alaykum,

      Only guys are wasting time? Smh, yeah right. I have had countles sisters who have not had the right etiquette nor the right intention. Some/many of them have been one of those dormant users and who reply with one answer like how can i get to know a person when she barely replies. One sister i met from muzmatch i respectively talked with her and she with me, we didnt speak everyday but every now and then. Then we didnt speak in a month because she was busy, she said to me, she went to her father next thing she told me says she got engaged.. i have countless stories of how many sisters are not serious and just playing games with me. Tbh, i have given up on you sisters. If not in this wretched world i get married then by the will and mercy of Allah i will in Jannah.

      These days it is hard to get married.

      I was even thinking to get to know a non muslim woman, because it is so hard to marry muslim women, with all of your culture demandings and critics from your parents, need to be rich or doctor or ingeneer or pakistani or bosnian or arab, mate we are muslims yeah? So why the f(flower) are we asking something else than what we should really. People are crazy..

      • Brother says:

        Agree with this. Almost EVERY single sister i have come across on this app is a joke and a complete waste of time. Furthermore, many are incredibly rude and have no manners at all – i’ve successfully reported many who’ve been given warnings for their atrocious behaviour.

        There is only 1 sister who was honest with me – and i’ve been using the app for over a year.

        The simple fact is that most people using this app are not serious about marriage.

        The team behind the app need to be much more stricter in vetting profiles allowed on the app. It’s just not good enough as it is.

      • Aziza says:

        I’m very sorry that you’ve had to deal with these awful experiences. As one of those women who have to deal with critical parents and cultural hangups, it’s not easy for us and we dont enjoy it. I dont agree with my family’s demands at all but I’ve been told I’ll be disowned if I marry someone my family doesn’t approve of. So what are we to do?? Apologies again. Please know it’s not something that’s easy for women either.

        • Muz says:

          I agree on this sisters message, although the best option would be to “do your homework “ on the first onset of chatting to someone. Simple!
          Why waste time energy emotions heartache to do Haraam on the wrong person, save it for The One!
          Also, perform Istikharah- it will never lead you astray and it will either open or close doors for you.
          How can we ask the Almighty to guide us to the halal path if we are involved in Haraam chats etc also? There are many men and women known to be on here just for fun only or nothing serious or friendship only! Or just non Muslims out for a good time thinking they can corrupt Muslims.
          If people want to do that then they’re in the wrong App!
          If used right then we can all attain the right partner
          For me personally my family would not mind who I married as long as they are Muslim and I am happy, however if someone is not compatible or of non similar outlooks then I won’t even chat! I don’t need my ego massaging
          It’s like being in a fish market or something, saying “next please “!
          After a decent initial chat if it comes to light that in incompatible with someone then I’ll politely say so
          Saves heartache time etc
          Why indulge in Haraam with the wrong person – tell your family you want to marry them then realise you’ve wasted life with them
          Just disconnect before the hormones and emotions kick in! Fight the devil and your Nafs!
          All the best may the Almighty guide each and everyone of us MUSLIMS

      • tiwalin says:

        you ‘re right, bro. sisters are very picky and culture demanding.

        • tiwalin says:

          again! I forgot to mention the sisters,on this app, only want who buys them coffees, lunches and dinners. that’s all they seek. speaking from real experience.

      • Saiful says:

        I agree with the person 100%

        The people I match within my area instantly unmtached. Not a single word of response and I lost lot of money. Stop blaming on guys saying they aren’t serious, of course they won’t be, most women I matched nothing but excuses, materialism and unmatching without writing one single damn word. I do not know why I’m wasting money on this as app just based on gambler unless am genuinely thinking most profiles are fake.

        I feel like there is no spouse for me in this dunya. I’m extremely upset and confused nowadays with our intentions.

        May Allah have mercy on us.

  5. Tired of this says:

    Yeah yeah. Everybody I have met is in for the beauty or money. They use this app more as tinder and justify their deeds since it’s Muslim branded. Nobody is serious in this app. So aren’t these advices.

  6. A True Gem says:

    A very good article. I was wondering if it was only me who felt like this. Glad others share the same opinion.

  7. Shaeemaa says:

    Salamualaykum. This hits the nail on the head. It’s the bulk of my experience this past year on the app. Doesn’t feel like anyone remotely eligible is serious. And if these things are voiced, often a flippant reply one receives along the notes of this is why you remain single. Well thank you very much. Being cultured and polite takes precedance, so I’ll hold on to my values regardless of what the seemingly majority insists to be the “norm”. Not acceptable. May Allah swt guide us all to a beautiful patience and a manifestation of our duas in all forms beautiful and merciful. May all people genuinely seeking their promised companion find the blessing of the coolness of their eyes in each other. May Allah swt facilitate and expedite such prayed upon beautiful unions unto eternity; Ameen.

  8. Hmm says:

    One day every woman will grow past 30 and be desperate they didn’t take the chance to be with that good guy, because they wanted more. This will result in them marrying a psychopath and they will always complain why on earth there are no good guys. We are here but you made us depressed and negative towards you.

    • Mona says:

      I can’t relate to your experiences but I am very alarmed by your pity comments. Maybe because of your attitude that’s why you still single? It’s sad but I hope you’re are aware of such a discrepancy in ageism let so many sisters optingout for non-Muslim spouses instead of being looked at a second option.

      • Grrr says:

        Yeah thanks to you guys I have become like this. Treating me as a towel you can throw anywhere you want. I had once hope and grant of happily ever after things. Not after what I have been through in this app. So don’t judge me before you know more about me.

      • Grrr says:

        And you must know why they teach such ages and don’t get anyone. Because they filtered us out when they were younger thinking they will get some Johnny depp guy

  9. Ahmed says:

    Wow. That’s exactly my experience in muzmatch. I thought only women do that nonsense. Hhhhh.

  10. Mona says:

    It feels like I wrote this piece. I can’t stress this enough How accurate this piece to matrimonial website. Seriously think about deleting my account because muzmatch is full of timewasters who only intentions to follow you on your private personal social media account. So many will claim they are progressive but in fact the aren’t.

  11. T says:

    As others stated I feel like I wrote this article. Women don’t reply. Whether its a Salaam or a little more after that I get no response or an extremely closed response. Im a handsome man and barely get matched because of my height I’m assuming. Total self esteen downer. It takes two to tango. Salaam walaikum.

    • Z says:

      I 100% agree with you , I’m disgusted by these selfish imbeciles , who have no respect and expect it from others . Non Muslim are better in my sence ,

  12. Grrr says:

    Yes and you are the one who swipes left because you think the distance is too high or I don’t look good enough…

  13. Ace says:

    Why do I feel like I have written this piece? On point. And I can see that there a quite a few people out there who feel the same. Glad am not the only one but also sad that, unfortunately, this is the case!

  14. Mohammad says:

    I want to get married quickly
    سلام علیکم انه بدی اتزوج بسرعا
    سلام من میخوام زود ازدواج کنم
    سن من:34
    My age:34

  15. Aali says:

    Dear Sister, thank you high lights the weakness for all of us. Unfortunately, I have similar experiences and the girls disappeared or ignored us.
    Marriage is a serious risky games and these risks can be managed, simply with proper , effective communication instead of waiting and wasting each other’s time.
    I pray Allah SWT guide us whit the light. Ameen
    Thank you again Sister.
    Best wishes

  16. Mona says:

    Hi and Salam. Good piece. Also, can someone educate men that once compatibility is established, they should discuss next steps ? Perhaps ask for her personal email or phone number. Give her a call or WhatsApp? And also maintain decency. I have spoken to guys on muzmatch and we are always unsure if we should bring it forward or not. Guys- do try to take a next step, it doesn’t have to result in commitment. Ask for her number and see if you should talk on the phone.

    • Angry man says:

      When we do you either ghost us or block us. That’s why.

    • Salman says:

      Why don’t you ask for his number? What’s stopping you from taking that next step?

      • Mona says:

        I was thinking that it’s better if the guy asks because it shows interest. I am interested but I am not sure if he fully is.

        • FractalIntakeMkII says:

          And how do we know you’re interested? Good communication and understanding is critical for absolutely everything in human life. If you can’t establish that early enough then you’re prospects look grim. And both need to tango on this one.

          Look at it from our perspective. We are expected to be the pursuer, and you’re the perused. Can you think of any negative connotation that kind thinking might bring?

          If you set yourself up as a prize, then don’t be surprised if the guy end up treating you like one. A mere possession . Something to win over in a game with other men.

          If on the other hand you meet him halfway and actually act like actual adult human beings, the right guy would respect you a lot more. And that’s far more sustainable in the long term. I say right man because different men are motivated by different things. Some like to win a “prize”. But others want a soluble relationship built on understanding and trust.

          Another word of advice. You’re in the world of online matchmaking. Where men outnumber women as much as 2:1 if not more. We know what rejection looks like, and more importantly FEELS like. Whether you’re a man or a women, online dating can seriously puncture your self esteem. After going through hundreds of rejections, can you reasonably always expect a man to make the first move all the time?

          I also think a lot of women deep down like the sensation of being prize. They like it when hundreds of men show interest, it boosts their self esteem which must be pretty low if they ended up like that in the first place. Not saying that’s you Mona, but there are many like that.

        • senzebean says:

          This comment would literally destroy any argument for modern day feminism. It also highlights the need for men to learn telepathy because we are men😂.

        • A says:

          I know how it feel

  17. Erlinda says:

    Most of ppl here are not serious..
    They clicked ✓ but then they clicked unmatched to me. Idk why maybe because i have 1 son.. maybe..
    1 brother from here, we shared our wa number but the he talk about naughty things.. astaghfirullah its hard to meet a right guy 😰

  18. Mike says:

    Sometimes problem is, no one is ready to sacrifice for their marriage, no time to get to know one another, nor are they ready to move, even if they found suitable partner, or they are scared to tell their parents or some other bs excuse(by bs excuse i mean a sister loves cats or dogs so much and cant live without them, she meets a guy, perfect guy but this guy cant stand cats and dogs because he is allergic, so the sister says no to him only because of this, seriously? This is what i call bs excuse, she dont look at bigger picture and what is better and more important). People need really to bang their heads to the wall so they wake up and know this app is not for to search for friends only but for future spouses to get married to. I might sound frustrated and angry while texting this and you are right, i am. Where else to go and ask for a girls hand when i am a comvert, alone, i do not have tens and hundreds of cousins or muslim parents who could search for me, this is the only place where i can really look for a potential wife, i know because i am Romanian by my ethnicity some might have misconceptions or think i am something that i am not, sometimes even this makes it harder for me. If only people were serious and knew about how big is this matter of ours.

  19. Islam says:

    I am a guy and my intentions are good, but to be honest, I think 80% of women on this app are not serious about mariage at all, and the ones that are serious are looking for something that Islam has nothing to do with or is even against.

  20. Humera says:

    Completely agree with most of the comments above. The problem clearly lies with both men and women being guilty of not following the required etiquette.

    I think there are many users who are perhaps spoilt for choice or looking to date. I would hope that people realise this is a Muslim matrimonial app and for the sake and respect of the religion should try to conduct themselves in accordance with Islamic etiquette (as far as possible on a platform like this). We have a problem if our brothers and sisters feel that non muslims will be a better alternative.

    There are other apps such as tinder for those not serious and using the app as therapy to get over an ex. Perhaps Muzmatch needs to introduce a filter to separate the serious from the non serious.

  21. Faraz says:

    *yawn* anybody else tired of all the man-bashing? All of these points apply equally to women so I’m not sure why it is “specifically targeted at brothers”.

  22. usama rafique says:

    Really not too sure as to why this has been aimed specifically at the brothers. My personal experience has been almost identical to this article amongst the sisters! The writer of this blog really needs to address the full audience. It almost seems as if they think that the females are somewhat superior and flawless on the app.

  23. Voice Of Reason says:

    Wow, what hypocrisy and an assumption that somehow women are not doing the same! They are -based on my experience on this app for 5+ months.

    Let’s see:

    1- Avoid Gibberish – Yes, women are guilty of having Gibberish only, many of them. There are actually very few profiles that have anything useful that gives one an ideas of the person. On top of that, they want someone with “similar values and interests, etc. ….”. How am I supposed to know what your values are or if we’ll have anything in common if you don’t write about it? There are many who say “just ask me” or “let’s talk and find out”. Really?

    2- Pictures – Yup! There are many women with pics that are not clear, then there are those with blur or private pictures. What’s the point? What am I supposed to like about you, especially if you don’t put anything in writing that gives me an idea. I honestly would contact people without pics if what I read about them interests me. The other problem is that if you like me but don’t make your pics visible to me right away then what do you expect? I mean, what exactly are you trying to accomplish? I agree that people should have manners when asking to see your pics and “ASAP” is not cool, but I’m sorry, I’ll ask for your pics first before I want to talk to you – you’re the one who liked me, right, so why hide your pics from me at that point, it’s a waste of both of our time to continue to talk for days without knowing what the other person looks like.

    3- English – It would be nice to have perfect grammar and spelling, but do you really care about this so much? I mean it’s hard to type up everything using a phone and I can barely scroll up/down in the small space provided. May we should give each other some benefit of the doubt here – assuming all else is OK. Plus, English is not most people’s first language and this is an international app with people from all over the world.

    4- Etiquette – Yup, women are guilty of the same.

    5- Talk – This is a general problem these days and it’s everywhere, especially with texts. So, this is being too picky, I think.

    So, this is what I would recommend we all do if we are serious:

    1- Have recent pics and and a profile that attempts to describe us. It’s ok to just few words but have something that gives the other person and idea and help them start a conversation. If you say you life coffee I can ask you about what’s your favorite, etc.

    2- Be honest in your profile. If you have a child, wear a hijab, etc., mention it. If you are divorced, mention it, even if your marriage lasted a day.

    3- If you have a check list of what you want, add it to your profile so we can save both our our time. e.g. if you’re looking foe someone born and raised in a particular country or from a specific cultural background, put that in writing. No one is getting any younger, so let’s not waste time.

    4- Have time for this “process”. This is probably the most important one. Finding “the one” is not easy but it’s going to be impossible if you don’t have time to talk to people or meet them. If you tell me that you don’t have time to talk to me this weekend because you are going to see a movie with your friends and then have a BBQ to attend and such… I’m not going to not waste my time with you and move on to the next person who has time.

    5- Talk one the phone soon after the “MuzMatch”. This saves time and avoids awkward chatting that can end up giving the wrong idea about the other person. Just see how many issues we’re talking about here that would go away if we had limited chant sand talked right away.

    6- You will come across people that would be only half-serious about you, this is part of the process, maybe they liked something about you and are not sure about this other thing and want to see if maybe it can work. Don’t take it personally. We all need to look for finding ways to “make it work” instead of finding reasons to pass on people. If you are not living in a Muslim country, you have a limited supply to begin with, don’t be too picky.

    7- Stop looking for a spouse and a best friend. Yes, I know, I know… The problem with this “I want my best friend, and partner in crime, and…” search criteria that every 3rd profile lists is this – you don’t need someone to be your best friend in order for them to be a great spouse. You probably have enough friends and maybe a best friend or two, right? Why you are here is to look for a spouse, correct? As long as and your future spouse are on the same page w.r.t. what you want in life and your core values and such, etc., you’ll be fine. You’ll hopefully become good friends over time anyways as you start living together, if not, that’s what your best friends are for. I mean, do you really “need” to be able to do everything with your spouse?

    • FractalIntakeMkII says:

      I don’t get the logic about blurring pictures. I’ve spoken to few ladies who did that so I gave them a chance. They didn’t have anything on their profile that stood out, or made them attractive. Just the usual window licking cliche dribble. So it’s not like they had an attractive personality either.

      But I thought I’d give them a chance , surely they are more then the sum of cliche adjectives.Right?


      I’m not someone who is sold by beauty alone. It’s not enough to sustain a longterm relationship, But we need to know how you look like. The sooner you do that the better. Because if you get rejected by a man whom you’ve been conversing with for months, don’t blame him if he politely rejects you because he doesn’t find you physically attractive. T

      That’s the risk you take from blurring your photos. If you’re really insecure about yourself, you really shouldn’t be on here. Go work on yourself more and come back when you’re ready to share your life with a man.

      • SISTER says:

        Keeping pictures blurred dosent show any kinda insecurity. Even muzmatch has upgraded this feature for brothers as well in their updated version. That means it is something very important.

    • SISTER says:

      Very true brother, completely agree with whatever you have written. The way we have encountered with some confused time wasters you too might have gone through the same. Where are we heading being a Muslim!!? May Allah guide us all.

    • SISTER says:

      Very true brother, completely agree with whatever you have written. The way we have encountered with some confused time wasters you too might have gone through the same. Where are we heading being a MUSLIM??!! May Allah guide us all

  24. Ace says:

    They same applies to the sisters on this app, I have seen plenty that said ” oh yup just reached the character count”. If anything this article applies to both.

  25. Sadiq says:

    To All Brothers & Sisters
    Men will be Men & Women will be women…

    We are all humans flesh & blood made of clay (sons of Adam) and we are all @ fault…

    insha’Allah lets make our intentions for Marriage

    May Allah SWT reward us all with our Niyat

    Take care

  26. Sister29 says:

    I have read the comments and to the brothers who are getting defensive saying why is this for just for the guys… the simple answer is because the sister is speaking from her own experience and can therefore only comment on what she has experienced herself. I have been on the app for some time and the sister is right what she has stated but I am sure that there are many sisters out there who are also like this on their profiles. It is a difficult day and age to find a partner and I think it is very true that not everyone on this app regardless of their gender have the right intentions on this app. My personal experience has not been very great but I will keep that to myself as this is not the right platform to discuss that. I think everyone needs to be honest on what their intentions are and not to waste the other persons time. I am sure it is difficult for anyone to find a partner and it can get quite frustrating but be true to yourself and keep positive and inshallah things will work out. Peace and love to all.

    • Ronin says:

      They’re agitated not because she wrote her perspective. They’re annoyed because she presented some important points but with the classic feminist spin through the 2nd sentence. That’s just rude and slander

  27. Everyonesbrotherexceptyours says:

    I would like to say that I have seen all these things in sisters. To be honest every single sister I have communicated with has done one of the things mentioned in the article or comments. (whether I liked or they liked my profile) except I like 2 sisters.

    1. Consistently i come across profiles that mention right away that they don’t want to be a housewife and the man should be a man and provide. Also It seems like many sisters want to get their masters and not be a house wife. Can you please take any responsibilites?
    2. I have had a problem with Every single blurred picture sister I have matched with except one. Recently after 2 days of short conversations because she was busy, she went undiscoverable. I really don’t know what this means. I know what unmatch means so unmatch me. It has been days, am I just supposed to forever wait, no way, I don’t even know how she looks like, only had couple short conversations.
    3. The sisters that think they are modern. Please I will need to marry someone with actual personality. I am a foodie, love coffee, dog filters and no pics without a dog filter. I don’t understand. If I see the word fun loving one more time….
    4. Some confused people. I see very practising, always prays and I see things like no hijab, or lots and lots of makeup, or hijab with tight jeans and leg skin showing, or inappropriate yoga pants.
    5. After talking with one sister for so long, she revealed that she had lied about something in the beginning. Something major. If she had not revealed this, there would have been no way for me to ever know. I still continued, it didn’t workout in the end so many other problems, but got me thinking. There is literally no way, anyone can easily hide something major. One possibility might be if they are close in distance and you get to know them for a very long time before moving forward. I dont know anymore.

    I just want to end this by mentioning one profile I came across. This sister had pictures with no filters as she mentioned. Pictures with make up and without. Also an honest written profile, it was unfortunate that our goals were different, but she is always in my dua’ s. I pray and hope she finds a spouse worthy of her.

    • Ronin says:

      Salam brother.
      If you go undiscoverable, the matched people can still see you. She either deactivated account or blocked and reported you

  28. SJNY says:

    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
    On the one hand not all of Muslims who is using this app don’t have serious intentions, they just was not match, that’s end … on the other hand I met brothers who told me when we was chatting, that they have serious intentions to marriage, but when we met they tried to invite me to travel trip together or they tried to invite me to do some kind of ,,duha ,, in mosque 🕌 after live one year together and then after one year to do nikkah, – AstagfirullAllah where is your Iman brothers ?-if you don’t like Islam rules about haram before marriage to hug or kiss or live with women)why you are using this muslim app???go to tinder or something same to tinder…How you brothers use to pray 5 times per day and doing ,,zina,,? -what reason of your prayers is you loosing all sayap after kiss women or something like that? Or one day I met brother with long beard 🧔🏻 and he is khafiz Koran and finance director of Mosque in Queens 26-28 years old, so he send me his pictures without clothes (naked ), he is sick, it was too weird for me.
    Sisters be careful, please… and pray and ask Allah ﷻ protect all sisters from Haram.
    I wish for all sisters have a good Muslim husband with strong Iman, I wish you Jannat 🤗

    • Ronin says:

      و عليكم السلام
      This is terrible. I’d say read sura naas and tell him you find that behaviour disgusting. Indeed, shaitan can approach the best of us. If he persists consider filing charges for harassment

  29. Smarty says:

    This message was quite helpful and I guess people will surely learn from their mistakes, what the sister is saying is the plain truth, just served the same purpose I would have like to explain .But thanx for making this known in the platform so users will again know the importance of the platform.

    • Muz says:

      I too agree. In a nutshell there are equally as much timewasters as there are “incompatible” potentials. Also, tooo many non Muslims wasting our time!
      They should be vetted first ias they are attempting to corrupt us!
      When the time is right- the Almighty will muz our Match. Until then we should watch out for red flags- refrain from it, rely on Almighty instead and not allow it to weaken our faith

  30. Abdulwaahid says:

    I need a sister who is serious, one cannot easily chat with sister on the app and most of the sisters do not know how to use the app in choosing their rightful partner. Any interested sister can contact me vide call/WhatsApp ASAP 09062151618

  31. Gohar says:

    That was a really good attempt from my brother. But I reveal my experiences. I got match for three times. Every lady matched me. And to be honest every person have right to live life by own. But to be honest i felt ashamed after listening this we don’t want to settle in Saudia Arabia. I don’t know why girls avoid to settle here.

  32. Fawziyat says:

    Salaam… It seems we all complain of the same issue here.. Well my intentions for joining the muxmach app are real and true.. I’m here for a serious relationship that will leads to marriage irrespective of your location or ethnic group .. But it’s seems people in the group don’t reply message,when ever you message them or like them they just vanish… May Almighty Allah grant our heart desires.. Ameen.

  33. Your article would have been more valuable if you didn’t bring gender into it. Because guess what? EVERYTHING you stated are equally true for women. More so in certain examples (snapchat filters ladies??)

    But you had to do the popular thing didn’t you? Men are the insincere sloppy headless chickens while you’re the virtuous examples of human perfection. And totally against any kind of critique even though you claim to be a lot tougher than us.

    Most of the things you mentioned are basically the norm for women. Ask any of your”brother” who flicks through your carousel of cliches. Apply your “consultation” to the most appropriate demographics please.

    One thing you missed however is the tendency of a lot of women (and probably men to) to a write single sentence about themselves but wright several paragraphs/bullet points about what they want . Your profile is precisely that. YOURS, and what YOU have to offer as an individual. People do that sort of thing really have very little to offer other than their reproductive organs. There are more to you than your reproductive organs. Act like it.

    I read your half @rsed disclaimers, so let me ad mine. If a man wrote an article “don’t be that girl”, I’d totally expect you to nurse your wrath against it. Because guess what? we have more in common than differences.

  34. Expired says:

    “One worded replies. I don’t know how this works. I cannot fathom how developments can be made with one worded replies. I would like to believe that I can build a rapport, but it is so difficult to engage in a conversation when the replies are closed. This is also time wasting. Nobody placed a gun to your head to like my profile. Please have some manners”


    “Conversation starters. This is the key to determine whether I will continue the conversation. I don’t really follow the protocol of ‘men should start the conversation’ I usually start the conversation first. A recent conversation went like this… me: Salaam, how are you? Brother: NEED TO SEE PICS ASAP. I unmatched but I let him know he lacked manners. Basic Islamic manners. Failure to respond to the salaam, followed by a demand.”

    Couldn’t agree more with these two statements!! A brother wrote another article from a man’s prespective, and looking at the comments from other guys in this, it’s obvious people need to get their act together – regardless of their gender.

    Honestly, if people are not serious in looking for a life partner – please make their intentions known from the beginning! Don’t waste other’s time and effort!!

    • Ronin says:

      LOL I feel you, sister. I matched with a woman who demanded to see my résumé. I asked for clarification: the resume that people send for jobs and whatnot? She says yes.

      Weird, hmm. I sent her to my LinkedIn. She visits (her own linkedin has only her school) and then goes furious “YOU THINK THIS IS A JOKE?” then proceeded to lecture me on the sacredness of marriage. I’m like wth do you want with me, lady?

  35. Amine says:

    I completely agree. Especially the ones that match and don’t engage in a conversation. People need to understand that this platform is to test for compatibility that leads to marriage and not just a swiping game. Some of us are serious and want to see this through inshallah. May Allah swt lead us to what’s best for us!

  36. FractalIntakeMkII says:

    Your article would have made more of a point if you didn’t bring gender into it. But I guess you had to do what’s popular didn’t you?

    A lot of the things you mentioned are pretty much the norm for you lovely ladies as much as it’s for us men. In fact more so in your case. Snapchat filters? Check. One worded reply?. Blurred photos? it’s hard to find a profile that isn’t blurred. Good conversationalist? That’s as rare as a unicorn. Serious intentions? Mostly those who’s done the “millage” and wants to “settle down” with the “right man”.

    I’ve read your half @rsed disclaimer so let me add mine. If a man wrote the same article against Ladies, I’d totally understand and support them for nursing their wrath against it.

    We have differences, but we have more in common.

  37. Tahir says:

    When we all learn the compassion that Islam teaches there’s hope of progress.Until then many of us have a lonely ,isolated future to look forward to .Nobody to pray with you and nobody to pray for you and no ongoing good deeds .Whilst you are busy criticising each other I hope there’s a realisation of that reality .So let’s sit and watch the destruction as we have too much pride and malice to change

  38. Novo says:

    I get more likes in tinder. I tried to marry muslim girl. I had too many refusals. I’m thinking to date a christian girl. Insha Allah i can bring her to Islam.

  39. Shafiq Siddiq says:

    So, I’m a young looking 37 year old divorced Alhamdulillah and one child. Born and raised in London. Alhamdulillah I strive to be practising, try praying all my Salah, read, go to courses etc and work hard on improving myself, my Deen and character. I love travelling and have been to many places with many more on my wish list! I enjoy spending time with family, friends, doing voluntary and charity work,support people in any way I can, I’m looking for aged 25-40+

    What I’m looking for
    A practising mature well grounded women with a good sense of humour, easy to love, laugh, and forgive. An educated intelligent professional who understands the importance of emotional intelligence and communication.


  40. Ali says:

    Salaam, it’s been one year and haven’t got a single match. Lol. Anyone read my about me and let me know if it’s just the ugly me or I am doing something wrong.

    • Tired_of_rude_and_cringy_women says:

      You’re ugly…. or at least perceived ugly. Studies on online dating indicate that women rated about 80% men below 5 in a 1-10 scale whereas men rated women evenly with a nice bell curve at about 5

    • PewterSky says:

      It would be worthwhile having a friend/someone who knows you well read your about me. About the pictures, in my experience most guys aren’t bad looking but they don’t put much thought in uploading the right pictures. Badly taken selfies…screenshots of Snapchat or Instagram etc. I hope you find success soon insha’Allah!

    • A says:

      I dunno, maybe they’re not serious or others preference that don’t match with her

  41. Ronin says:

    Sister, I suggest you make a fake account as a brother or borrow a man’s account for a while. I seriously believe that you will honestly want to change your 2nd sentence.

    Some more things to add to your list :

    – “bubbly”… Stop using that word. That’s so cringy and meaningless.

    – “modest fees” but has pictures with underwear and sleeveless dress with cleavage

    – “must be at least 6 feet”…. She is 4’10”

    – “foodie”…. Code for “I am fat”

    – “practicing” but “never prays”… Are you asked on period?

    – “I don’t check matched. Just message me”…. Not a premium member herself.

    – “I like new experiences” but “would never leave NYC”

    – “lol I’m not Muslim I just like brown men”…I’ve seen at least 5 of these lol

    – “won’t move abroad”… Sent request to an abroad guy with the same status

  42. Abdulghani says:

    Too many sisters on here are completely ridiculous. For this being a Muslim marriage app I am shocked and embarrassed at the lack of respect for one another. Muslim qualities are ignored and forgone for materialism.

    Apparently if you have celebrity looks, very rich then you qualify. I have talked to some sisters the majority ghost you right away. And not one even bothered to ask about prayer,fasting, avoid haram etc. Its completely disregarded if you are good person that practices your religion like a Muslim should you get trashed, ghosted, humiliated, judged and disrespected .

    I have never been humiliated and rejected so much in my entire life! I have honestly given up.

    I value myself, my religion and my quality characteristics to waste my time on people who don’t even know what and how to communicate and are disrespectful.

    Here is my advice get off the app and go learn soft skills or “life skills” as some may call it.

    And whom ever is struggling keep your head up and know that Allah is the best planner.

  43. PewterSky says:

    I’ve only just discovered the comment section on the blog. It’s made me oddly hopeful because it tells me there are people here capable of writing and conversing! I do feel we could do with some more positive articles though.

  44. Ahimad Ahimad says:

    Yes it’s true, I have tried so many times, wasted lots of money on here. They don’t even reply to my text, just unmatched. It’s really demoralising.

  45. abdul says:

    Salaam, my name is Abdul I am 23 years old and I am currently looking to get married I have my own house alhamdulilah also have a successful job if you would like to know more details please add me on…

    WhatsApp: +447498957278
    instagram : Abdul.miah1
    Snapchat: Abdul-junior

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