#muzmatchsuccess: Nahian and Tasnia




Thank you to Nahian and Tasnia for sending in their story.

The muzmatch team are extremely pleased, and we wish Nahian and Tasnia all the best in their journey together as husband and wife, insha’Allah. We pray Allah makes it a union filled with love and tranquility, ameen.



Email One

Assalamu alaikum,
I spoke to you about 5-6 months ago, mentioning that I had met someone through the muzmatch app and the progress which we had made so far. I can now say that we are happily Islamically married, alhamdulilah.

We had our nikaah in March, in Bristol. My partner and I are so happy and alhamdulillah, and the day went smoothly, our friends and family had a great time.

The plan is to continue onto our wedding reception insha’Allah, which is to be held in April, in South Wales. We also hope to have a small, civil ceremony with our families in the same week.

Keep us in your prayers, and please keep us in your duaas – that everything goes as planned. Speak to you soon.

Email Two

…Thinking back, it does seem very surreal how she was my first match on the app, and matched after only 10 hours, and now, we are married!

Alhamdulillah, i couldn’t be happier with how everything has gone with our marriage so far, and a lot of that has been down to muzmatch in bringing my partner & I together after such a short time, despite literally being hundreds of miles away!

So I thank you and your team for making this app, as it was a success for my wife and I.

May you guys have continued success for the future insha’Allah.



The muzmatch app is where Single Muslims meet. Halal, free and fun, thousands of members find their partner on muzmatch. Alhamdullilah over 10,000 people have found their partner on muzmatch around the world! Quality profiles, advanced filters, photo privacy, and cutting edge security make it easy to help you find the ONE.

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42 Responses

  1. Aisha says:

    I love this. Well done Muzmatch for creating this app for single muslims to find a life partner. Hopefully Insha Allah will find my one true love on this app.

  2. Kamran says:

    Nice app. Succes rate must be like 1 out of 10.000

    Good marketing. That is all

  3. Mostafa says:

    For all who are searching for a serious marriage allah knows my intentions, if we liked each other i will do it upon to our religion rules
    Insta: mostafa.kamal2
    Please feel free to text may allah lead us to a serious marriage, because i feel that a lot of people aren’t serious in this app 😬

  4. Gent4U says:

    Been on this app for over a year. No luck. Most women do not have the courtesy to reply. This app and other online sites prove that most women put looks first before personality and character and that most women lie when they say they are looking for a kind, decent, caring, good, honest guy.

    The truth is they want a hot / gorgeous man first and foremost. If he doesn’t pass the looks test then it’s game over. If he has good looks then the women hope he has the above traits. If the man’s looks is average or below or if he’s bald, he is ignored / rejected no matter how wonderful his personality or character is. Looks come first and most women will not admit this! The irony is that women can enhance their looks to deceive men to believe they are hot but the man is required to be naturally hot or he’s rejected!

    • Sar says:

      I can say the same for men, they will not reply if a woman’s beauty is not up to their expectation.

      That is the truth about these dating apps: it is so easy to judge when you can only put photos and difficult to display your personality/character when they are expressed through words.
      I can’t say for everyone but both men and women should at least put some effort in describing themselves (to gauge the things/interests you have in common) rather than describing what they look for in a partner because everyone wants a kind, decent, caring person as their partner.

      Then if you match, the next would be the flow of the conversation. If a person takes weeks to reply (and without any lame excuses) you can tell whether they are interested.

      At the end of the day, marriage isn’t a solution to all of your problems. If a person does not have good relationship with family, with friends, with yourself and with God, then he/she is not capable to take care of someone else! (Just my two cents)

      • Gent4U says:

        Yes it can happen both ways. However, women can use make up to enhance their looks but men who are not good looking can’t use make up to enhance their looks. And on these apps where people are judged initially on looks women have the advantage over the men. Women get so many interests that they become picky. On top of his looks, he has to have a well paid job, property, status, personality and character come right at the bottom. Most people are more concerned about the exterior facade, everything else comes after.

        • Gent4U says:

          In this modern day of social media addiction and feminism, men need to research and open their eyes as to what attracts women. It’s not about the man being confident or his great personality or character, it’s looks, money and status. If she’s satisfied then she’ll give him the opportunity to get to know her otherwise it’s not happening. Doing research on attraction and societal interaction will provide insight instead of the nonsense that is fed that it’s all about the man’s confidence, ersonality and character!

          • Nisha says:

            Men are the same looking for a airhead white or tan Barbie doll. So what women have makeup, I’ve seen your profile and beard covers half of your face! It’s just like makeup. Double chin, Acne, bad skin and weak chin all hidden :). Now instead being bitter lower your standards and improve your conversational skills. Good luck! I’m a average looking darkbrown girl and I have no complaints because unlike some people here I have SELF-AWARENESS.

          • Gent4U says:

            Nisha, you making personal comments shows how pathetic and shallow you are. Learn how to read. I mentioned ‘most’ not all. Whereas you mentioned ‘men’ implying ‘all’. Only someone like yourself who has reading issues thinks they can advise someone.

      • Gent4U says:

        Agreed. Conversation is a two way thing. But there are people like Nisha who think it’s the man’s lack of conversational skills when in my experience sending messages to lots of women and not getting any replies. Unfortunately, when online most people do not reply to anyone they don’t find attractive regardless of conversation skills. They’re just not interested but Nisha thinks she knows it all and makes assumptions that all men are looking for light skinned Barbie doll airheads, as she said.

        • Sar says:

          At the end of the day it’s the mindset and acceptance of the change in how we look for spouse. You seem more open-minded than Nisha so just keep trying. Law of large numbers; soon enough you’ll find someone inshaAllah 🙂 Good luck!
          (PS: quite curious how Nisha was about to see your profile!)

          • Gent4U says:

            Sar, yes I agree. I truly believe it’s a numbers game and insha Allah we will all find our spouses. There are marriage events as well which can help. Nisha appears to be a troll who seems to enjoy making personal jibes at me and making assumptions so I thought it’s only fair that I respond to her.

      • Ree says:

        I loooove your comments! So true. Just be positive and think that Allah lives us so much that He wants us yo “fix” ourselves beefore sending us a righteous spouse. And marriage is not the answer to all problems. We should worry more about the akhirah. Marriage should a path to make it easier for us to enter Jannah.

        Salam from your sister in deen. 💙

  5. Kazeem says:

    I really happy for both Nahian and Tasnia. May almighty Allah but barakah into their wedding and makes them a good companion in this life and hereafter.

    Barack lahu fihi.

    Kudo for you Mazmatch staffs

  6. hafeeZ says:

    i dont beleive this . as seemd just a fraud payment takers . well ALLAH knows but i found it useless

  7. Gent4U says:

    Don’t know how many times I’ve read women’s profiles looking for a kind, decent, caring, honest, good guy’ but when one comes along they don’t reply!

    To truly understand what attracts most women, you need to watch how they behave and what they responds to. Don’t listen to their words as most won’t express what they really seek / desire or find attractive!

    • HOQ says:

      Don’t lose heart. Keep faith and just trust HIM, what’s meant to be yours shall find its way to you 🙂

  8. Mohammed Moin says:

    Good to hear that you found your match, may almighty Allah give all success and happiness in your life.

    Hope I could find my better half very soon.

  9. Mira says:

    Been a year, but just tried harder in this 2 months, being closer in the Whatsapp then but some guys don’t respect me as a good girl, asking for bad pict, at the end I should end those bad conversations, hope I will the right one someday, InshaAllah 🙂

  10. Bravoz says:

    Congratulations.. unfortunately in Australia not many classy ladies in my age group amd i feel that long distance is hard and bit of a gamble…

  11. Abdulazeez Adebowale says:

    AlhamduliLlaah rabbil alamin!
    May Allaah Subhana WataAala showers His infinite blessings on the marriage. May He grants us our desired spouses who shall be facilitators of our success in this life and the hereafter. Aamin.

  12. Nisha says:

    Gent4U get help mate. Maybe something about your bitter, miserable attitude puts off most women. Work on yourself and get to a happy place before you make some poor lady life misery too. Consider that.

  13. Mikail says:

    Just to let you all know a mans beard on his face is not a form of make up as this is totally natural, some women are twisted to believe such thing. Make up is surely a fake up, a judgemental mentality is also caused by such fake desires. Trying to hide certain marks and fades to look totally different and much better than what allah has provided to them. So giving a man an impression of desire that is not true turns out to be a lie because as water passes by fake up is drenched and wiped away. Yes looks aint everything but just as a women wants satisfaction over looks, a man surely does too. Some women look for what the man has which is temporary because god forbid anything could happen. So my advice would be forget the fake abd the temporary and forget the worldly wantings in this dhuniya. Seek upon someones heart and the love they are able to provide. No offence to noone. May allah keep u all blessed 🙂

  14. Gent4U says:

    Nisha, you’re the one who needs serious help who assumes all men want an airhead and without knowing the person that they have conversation issues and now making assumption of having a miserable attitude. What a pathetic dumb loser you are. My comment was talking about my experience in general with ‘most’ women but you being an idiot took offence to it and made a personal attack on me. Learn to read. Maybe your pathetic jibes at innocent men puts them off. At least Sar understood what I was saying unlike someone dumb like yourself. Look at your stinking attitude and improve on yourself before you mouth off somebody else who you misunderstood or give anyone advice.

  15. Ammara says:

    Don’t give up hope. I joined the app in November 2017 and had my fair share of disappointments. Had more than 150 likes and numerous matches. With each match the disappointment grew as their intentions were not pure and they made haram suggestions and requests. I even met one person. And also had my fair share of criticism and hurtful things said to me.

    I was about to delete the app when one profile caught my eye. He clicked on me more than a month ago and I didn’t respond to him as I wasn’t online during Ramadan. I decided to take a chance and we matched. And I haven’t regretted it since. I met my prince charming. My other half. My forever love.

    His profile was not was I was looking for. His looks weres not someone I would ever have given a second look at. He is from an ethnicity I did not want and he is shorter than me. But when I threw my checklist out the window and gave him a chance, he gave me the world and won me over with his sincere, kind and loving personality.

    He is currently in discussions with a Muslim family close to me to finalise arrangements for the nikkah. Once we are married I’ll be relocating to the UK with my daughter to start our life together. It’s not the easiest decision to make. I’m giving up a very successful 15 year career and the security and stability of everything I’ve ever known. But I’m gaining so much more and I have never been happier. I will be living my dream of being a stay at home mum, a loving and supportive wife and a community volunteer. And that is worth more than any career or money in the world.

    So keep praying, keep trying and keep it halal.

    • Mrs. Shaikh says:

      Assalammualaikum Amara, your story just same like mine. Never thought that would met my husband on Muzmatch. I was joined with the similar app since early 2016, but never met someone who wanted serious relationships which heading to a marriage, then I just go back to my real life and uninstalled all the apps. On end of march 2018 I saw muzmatch on instagram, and I interested to installed it, then after 2 or 3 days I opened muzmatch cause I never open the app regularly, and there was many likes and I clicked back at that time to 3 person, and we started chat, and the other person asked for phone number but I never gave it, cause I had experiences from other apps once I gave my number they just became impolite and asking pictures on whatsapp. There was one man, when I saw his profile definitely he wasn’t my type and he’s much older than me, but I had no idea I just felt curios with him and I clicked him back, and we started chatting, I was so happy cause he wasn’t directly asking my number, so we stayed chat on app maybe about 4 days, and after that I said to him I want to uninstalled thr app cause it seems just wasting my time and he gave his number and I just uninstalled the app. I added his number and chat with him on whatsapp, since beginning he was looking for a wife, and he didn’t want had a relationship which only wasting time, and I said Ok we will see how far we go, cause he live at German and I live at Indonesia, my thought was the distance between us too far. We started chat on whatsapp 2nd of april, end of april he showed me his booking flights to Indonesia after Eid Fitri, and I told my families especially my brother about him that he was serious want to marry me, and he was purposed me to my brother cause my parents was passed away. And since that we arranged our nikkah, and after Eid he came to Indonesia and met my families and the next day on june we’re merried. What it seems impossible for us it won’t impossible for Allah, and just like you said never give up hope, cause what is meant for us will reach us even beneath two mountains and what is not meant for us will not reach us even between our lips. And Allah’s plas is perfect, it will come at the right time.

  16. Alhan says:

    Assalam alleikum….amaara this is the best story i have heard …..may Allah make it easy and full of blessing…amiin..hoping to find my other half soon inshaallah

    • Ammara says:

      Wa’alaikumusalaam. Sometimes we just have to hear some positive news to restore our hopes. Keep praying and I hope you find your other half at the right time. We plan but the best planner is Allah swt Himself. All the best….And throw away any checklists you might have and just be open to new experiences 😊

      • Ree says:

        Ammara, love your story. Thanks for sharing. I’ve just started using the app and I don’t know if I’ll ever find someone here. Please pray for me. And I wish you a sakinah mawaddah warahmah family. Ameen.

        • Ammara says:

          I’m glad my story could motivate you. Just stay positive and keep praying. As a revert I had just as many doubts and even more chancers on the app. But if you follow your instinct and stay true to who you are you will find the right person. All the best to you in your search Ree

  17. Ensy says:

    A woman Who older than 50 years old and doesn’t rich, doesn’t beautifull, not easy to found a Man who would marry her.

  18. Hossain says:

    All depends upon almighty allah

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