#muzmatchsuccess: Aishat and Ibrahim

Thank you to Aishat and Ibrahim for sending in their story.

The muzmatch team are extremely pleased, and we wish the couple all the best in their journey together as husband and wife, insha’Allah. We pray Allah makes it a beautiful and blessed one, ameen.

This is their story:

My name is Ibrahim. I am from Chicago, IL in the USA. I work in Finance and Operations.
My wife is Aishat. She is from Leeds, in the UK, and works as an Orthoptist.
We met on Muzmatch, in March 2017.
A few months later, mid-Ramadan, I went to visit Aishat’s family.
The next time we met was in Paris, in August 2017, where I proposed.
My family and I flew out to Leeds, in October 2017, to officially meet and discuss matters.
Aishat visited the USA a month later, in November 2017, where we officiated our marriage with Justice of the Peace Chicago.
The photos below also show our traditional engagement and nikaah ceremony, which took place this year in April 2018.
We plan to live together in the USA, once all of our immigration papers go through, insha’Allah.
We are very appreciative to have a platform like MuzMatch, where we could meet one another, Alhamdulillah.
We thank you, JZK!

The muzmatch app is where Single Muslims meet. Halal, free and fun, thousands of members find their partner on muzmatch. Alhamdullilah over 10,000 people have found their partner on muzmatch around the world! Quality profiles, advanced filters, photo privacy, and cutting edge security make it easy to help you find the ONE.

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59 Responses

  1. Sylvie says:


  2. M says:

    Lucky them, I can hardly find anyone decent on here. Either profile is inactive or not there.

  3. Dunia says:

    That’s sooo cute, mashallah!! Congratulations to both of them, inshallah a life time of happiness!! Fingers crossed my cousin will be next and I’ll follow 😉

  4. Sirine says:

    Mashallah mabrouk to them I hope we all find our other half soon insha’Allah…ya rab ya rab

  5. Sajeda Ali says:

    Mashallah congratulations to them 😍

  6. Mostafa says:

    Beautiful story,
    Actually, i was so enthusiastic about Muzmatch in the first but after contacting a lot of members I found that they aren’t serious!
    I hope to find an appropriate wife soon 😊

    • missy says:

      yep i feel u ! lol noones genuine or serious. timewasters!

    • Sid says:

      Most of them think they’re serious but when push comes to shove they realise you have some flaws and carry on with their search for Mr Perfect & forgetting we’re in the duniyah!

      • Haliza says:

        Exactly what i had been thru many times before. Im losing hope on this site. Good looking guy are only for beauty girl. That’s all. They liked u at 1st, sent 2 3 msgs then unmatch u without clear reason.

    • El says:

      MashAllah they had a successful story. But I agree with you. I think most of us are having trouble finding serious people on this app. Some of them are here for fun. Some of them can not devote the time. Some don’t reply after few messages (no courtesy of letting the other person know). Some take their own sweet time in joking around and not talking about serious matters.

      It’s sad that this app is being misused by so many people.

      • patra lia says:

        Agree.. They just dissappear after few chats.. I am quite introvert so i seldom chat first.. But after i chat i feel disappointed because it didn’t long last.. So i never chat men first anymore.. But it seems stuck with this app.. Matches but no progress

  7. Nina says:

    What a beautiful story Masha Allah….I am the new one here I hope I can find my other half here too 😊

  8. Osman says:

    I found it also not that helpful. They like you and then stop talking after two text. Most profile seem inactive. Will use as long as free. If need to pay, no way I am wasting my money. I wasted abour $50 so far.

  9. Hamdy says:


  10. Sheraz says:

    Congrats Aishat and Ibrahim for new life. Click thousands no success no reply yet.

  11. Samia says:

    All these guys on this site are not even serious. It saddens me to be approached only for sexual needs not marriage intent.

    • Haliza says:

      Yeah… Most of them…. Especially frm pakistan/pakistani… I had enough

      • Kaffy says:

        I agree with you Sister. I don’t even match Pakistani guys in return if they match me.

        • Falling Sky says:

          As a neutral person I find yours & Haliza’s comments utterly disrespectful. I know many Pakistanis who are one of the best human beings on the planet. We cry out loud when non-Muslims paint all Muslims with the same brush & call us terrorists yet we do the same thing to our fellow Muslims.
          On this app I have met few Arab & South Asian Muslim girls whose thinking was so disgusting that I wouldn’t even call them human beings. So how would you feel,as a woman, if I paint all Arab girls or South Asian girls with the same brush.
          According to wiki, population of Pakistan is over 200 millions people and almost half are men. It’s your personal choice about whether you want to be with a Pakistani guy or not but to say almost 100 million guys are only after sex then I would say your thinking is racist & despicable.
          Many Guys are thirsty, perverts & creepy but so are many women. They belong to all ethnicities, countries & religions. So instead of pointing finger at one ethnicity or race, I would recommend keeping an open mind.
          May Allah guide us all to the right path and help us find our life partners so we may complete our deen, Ameen.

          • Abdollah says:

            You are true, please respect others and do not judge, I am Arab who live in Canada, some Pakistani guys are from the best Muslims I’ve met until today, please do not harm any body here or anywhere, second, I am really stuck with those app and no one care, oh I am really tired of that, I need my woman, I am so lonely ;(

    • Ahmad says:

      Not all guys I’m serious samia I guess we can talk more this is my number 615-378-8814

  12. Shad says:

    The culprit is the platform. There are a lot of members looking for suitable partner – obvious from the beginning input in their profile. Butzmatch asks lot of money to initiate the communication. That’s why most members after making their profile realize this fact and become inactive.

    Muzmatch should create some free days each month which will receive the interest of lots of members.

  13. Shad says:

    The culprit is the platform. There are a lot of members looking for suitable partner – obvious from the input in their profile. But muzmatch asks lot of money to initiate the communication. That’s why most members after making their profile realize this fact and become inactive.

    Muzmatch should create some free days each month which will receive the interest of lots of members.

  14. thewiseone says:


    Really lovely story. They did it properly. Alhamdulillah I have faith. May Allah reward then and bless their marriage ameen. He is a man of integrity. And she is a woman of beauty.

    Our ummah is so lost when it comes to marriage. Many dont take it seriously and careless about a womens islamic rights and get paranoid. Those that get paranoid are here to waste time. Take a note from thus man. He liked her, wasted no time and put a ring on it. Well done.

  15. Mohammed says:

    It’s just a nonsense app. Success rate might be 1 in a million. Find the alternative routes.

  16. B says:

    Photo privacy? When people can screenshot other people’s pictures? What a joke..

  17. Haliza says:

    I dont believe in this site anymore… Mostly guy prefer looks above anything else… Divorcee are not favor in here… Sigh**

  18. Mariam says:

    Such a sweet story! Too bad it’s not as easy for the rest of us, sigh! May we all find our match inshaaalllllaah!

  19. Noor says:

    Impressive! Where is my Mr right ya Allah! 😭

  20. Mi says:

    All the guys I meet are liars and only want dating

    • Abdulazeez says:

      Asalam alaikum. I’m 34. Contact me if you’re comfortable with my age. I’ll follow each step according to Islamic ordinance in Sha Allah. +2349099821911 Hasbunallah wa ni’mal wakeel

  21. Mostafa says:

    For all who are searching for a serious marriage allah knows my intentions, if we liked each other i will do it upon to our religion rules
    Insta: mostafa.kamal2
    Please feel free to text may allah lead us to a serious marriage.

  22. Aisha says:

    Beautiful story. May Allah bless us with a righteous spouse, the true love we are all seeking. AMEEN

  23. Rasti says:

    Alhamdurilla, hope spend nice live safety healthy . I hope I find one soon ,

  24. Bilal says:

    Congratulations to Ibrahim and Aishat. I wish them both the very best of luck and in their marriage as well inshaallah. I hope everyone has luck in their search for a beautiful spouse, may Allah make it easy for us all.

  25. Afshyn says:

    Awww, mashallah 🙂 that is really beautiful!
    May Allah bless the couple and build love and understanding between em.

    And may the rest of us also be fortunate enough to share our stories too 😀

  26. A says:

    MashAllah, they look very happy! May Allah bless their union and bring upon us seekers, a righteous and compatible spouse, Ameen!

  27. Abdulazeez says:

    Any serious Muslimah should contact +2349099821911. Call, Whatsapp or wechat.
    Jumuah Mubarak

  28. Ally says:

    ASA All,

    Congratulations to Aishat and Ibrahim. May Allah bless you both and your marriage together with patiance, love and understanding Ameen.

    May Allah guide us all to our destiny with faith and positivity as Allah is just a Dua away Ameen 🙏🏽☺️

  29. abdul says:

    Assalamu Alaykum

    First of all to the couples who got married. May Allah swt grant them a blessed married life and keep them in the righteous path. Ameen.

    Well so many negative points people have pointed out. Well i have been using the app for two years and i have found out few points that i would like to highlight. Some of you are going to disagree, some will agree but this is just my personal observation and not intended to hurt anyone’s feelings, if i do forgive me for the sake of Allah swt.

    Regardless of how we see the app, this is still an online platform. So like any other online platform, it comes with it pros and cos. One of the cons is that it limits us to know the person based on their profile description or few chats. There is so much into a person, their likes and dislikes and the type of persons they are. So the description itself doesn’t give a clear picture, i would add that it does gives a somewhat of a clear picture of what the person is. But there lies the problem. It can make us come to a conclusion in a matter of secs/mins which i should say is not enough to judge/know a person.

    Now one of the main issue a lot of sisters faces is there are some guys whose intentions are bad. They might be looking for a intimate haram relationship(using this platform just like tinder). Some guys are not good at responding or doesn’t respond at all if they dont like the picture or the description of the profile of the sister. Some guys are looking for Disney princess. Some, which happens a lot of times and it is really unfortunate, are looking for a foreign passport. As a guy i feel ashamed and disgusted with guys who are like that and I feel extremely sorry for all the sisters that have to encounter guys like that. No female members deserve any treatment like that, but unfortunately we live in a world where a lot of muslims brothers are weak on their deen. I pray to Allah swt to increase their emaan and guide them in the righteous path as the prophet Muhammad s.a.w.s. showed us. May all those brothers as well as the sisters lead a life based on Quran and Sunnah. Ameen. I would request the sisters not to generalise all the guys in the same category based on few bad experiences they had.

    Before i go on explaining the rest of my observations, i would like to point out that during the time of the prophet Muhammad s.a.w.s. a lot of the companions married widowed, divorced, having children, elder/younger than them, not looking good and so on. Islam established to abolish social stigma, taboo, unethical cultural practices and a lot more. Islam made it easy for us to lead our life. So brothers and sisters,follow the examples of the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.s and his companions(may Allah swt bless them accordingly as He wishes). This duniya is temporary, the next life is permanent, so do accordingly to achieve Jannah. Discard any cultural practices and other social things that goes agaisnt the command of Allah swt, teaching of Islam and the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.s.

    Now the following observation might tick some people off, so i apologies in advance. Do forgive me for the sake of Allah swt.

    During my match and subsequent interactions with few sisters, i realised that as much as a guy is willing to give more effort to get married, a sister consider a lot of things even before she might even match a guy. For me I tick on the profiles where it says Always prays and wears hijab(niqab is something that some school of differ on, so i would leave it up to the scholars to decide about it, but personally i would prefer if my future partner takes up on niqab). That doesnt mean i dont tick on profiles where i see the potential that someone can change or they might be willing to give it an affort, the rest Alah swt knows the rest. After all it is Allah swt who can guide anyone from anywhere to the righteous path.

    Now we also need to take into considerations that people changes. Just because someone is not practicing, doesnt follow the islamic dress code, doesnt lead a islamic lifestyle doesnt mean that they cannot change. If we look at the life of the sahabas, we can see many were the arch enemy of the prophet Muhammad s.a.w.s and his companions and later on they became the backbone of the early islamic community.

    “Verily, you (O Muhammad) guide not whom you like, but Allah guides whom He wills. And He knows best those who are the guided.”
    [al-Qasas 28:56]

    So yes we are encouraged to see the best in everyone and treat them with compassion and generosity and humility.

    We can find many hadiths where there are mentions of compassion generosity and humility and people embraced Islam for that or they returned to the righteous path again.

    One more thing i would like to add that when it comes to marriage, a lot of sisters considers compatibility in terms of personality. As much as i respect their choices and decisions, it is demeaning for a guy or can also be applicable for sisters too, but i am going to point it out from a guys point of view. For example, i grew up in a 3rd world country, I am educated and somewhat knowledgeable about my surroundings, but as i didnt live or travel to those western world, i might not be accustomed to a lot of cultural practices or daily life styles of those countries, in short im not modern enough. This type of judgement does hurts a lot. What if i was a practicing brother, but not ‘modern’ doesnt it make me qualify to be a potential partner. I came across a few incidents. A lot of profiles i came across mentioned brothers to be born and brought up in western countries for better compatibility. Islamic marriage is not about these type of compatability, rather how much one love Allah swt and his prophets(pbut), how practicing they are. Thats the real compatibility. Thats how the rightly guided people of the past married, and that should be the basis for our marriage too. Not where we grew up, our education level, what job we have, how stable we are financially and so on. It is unfortunate that a lot of sisters are looking for them when looking for a potential husband, each has their own preference and liking and i fully respect that in them as a muslim no matter if they are good or bad(no offense intended)

    One of my drawbacks is that i live in a 3rd world country, so even though I would have given my 100%, but due to not being able to travel to the country where the sister lives(visa issues, guess dont need to explain more), they ended in unmatch. Some of the sisters where honest enough that they cannot go through of the trouble of marrying someone and taking them to the country they live. They find the paper works not worth it. I understand their point of view so no hardfeelings agaisnt them, i do always wish and pray that they find the righteous partner Allah swt has made for them and may their marriage be a easy and blessed one.

    An example is i matched with one sister from some western country, and i told her that i can go upto turkey(its easier for me to get the visa and thats the farthest i can go) and if she can come to turkey with her wali/family we can meet and if everything goes well maybe we can get married. Unfortunately she cited the expese and the trouble that she has to go through. Not complaining, but it would also have cost me money too. Its not like im gonna travel for free. Had few other similar experiences.

    Anyways, these is not a rant, but rather an observation. I would advice all the brothers and sisters that wants to get married, distance is not a major issue. The issue is the time and the effort. If you really find someone whom you think that is the one for you, try not to back down because of the few issues, distance, time, money, effort, time difference and so on.

    In the end I do pray to Allah swt that He grants us the righteous of the spouse with whom we going to have a blessed life in this duniya and also they will be our partner in the Jannah. May Allah swt keep you all safe and sound and bless you with a blessed life and keep you in the righteous path. Ameen.

    NB. Not a great writer, so my article might not be structured, might have grammatical error(grammar nazis are welcome to correct me, will learn from my mistake) and i cannot emphasis enough more that this was not meant to hurt anyone. So once again forgive me for the sake and love of Allah swt.


    • Ree says:

      Salam Abdul. I don’t usually read lengthy comments, but I did read yours. Quite comprehensive. Your observation and explanation make sense. Thanks for taking the time giving your two cents.

  30. Titilola Popoola says:

    Bismillah al Rahman al Raheem.
    Assalaamu alaikum,

    After spending a few weeks on the app, I was just about to give up when Allah sent a brother that fits me like the most beautiful fitted garment mashallah.

    Yes, some brothers aren’t serious about marriage while others seem to have very poor communication skills but being offended that someone unmatches you is really immature. The feature is there to use so why be upset? It would be courteous to state why but still. Being on a matchmaking site is no more a guarantee to find your match than you searching at your local masjid. Renew your intentions and pray istikhara constantly and if it is meant to be, it will be. If not, we have to be patient. I’m not speaking just because I found my match inshallah but because I have been there.
    Also, without compromising your Deen, compromise in regards to what you’re looking for. It could be the thing you don’t like is what is good for you. And vice versa. I had to stop talking to a brother because he put he doesn’t smoke but it ended up that he does and was even smoking while talking to me. That was a no-go. Also, beware the brothers (and sisters) that only wish to gain immigration papers. Make sure they are situated in that area! Ive had my fair share of those as well smh.

    Time and patience, my brothers and sisters. Know your worth and do not compromise on the important stuff. Do not blame the platform, YOU are in control of whom to communicate with and whom not to deal with. Seek Allah’s guidance always.

    Subhanak Allahumma wa bihamdika ash hadu an laa ilaha illa Ant, asteghfiruka wa atoobu ilaik.

  31. Poppy says:

    @falling sky: I agree with haliza and Kaffys comments, unfortunately Pakistani guys don’t know how to speak to or treat women. Of course we’re going paint them all with the same brush if if every single Pakistani Guy you come accros is like this. The fact is the majority of them are and you have to accept this fact!

  32. Anonymous says:

    A lot of complainers on here. I haven’t found a match either, but it has nothing to do with the app. I just didn’t like any of the people on there. So I log on every couple of months to see if there is anyone new. Yall just have to be patient. Also, since we’re all sharing, here are some of my observations (I am a girl but I also created a fake guy account to see who my competition is): most people’s profiles are poorly done. (1) the photos stink. They are too close, poor lighting. For some reason, especially women, take ridiculously up close photos, and that’s it. That’s their only photo. Of course no one is gonna match you if they’re not even sure what you look like. Or the photos are blurred. Sorry, but the truth is that doesn’t help. It feels like you’re trying to trick the person because you are not confident in how you look. (2) The written profile stinks. So many are so minimal. Why should I like your profile if I don’t know anything about you? (3) Everyone is batting outside their league. All you whiny girls are JUST AS if not more picky than the average guy. I’m sorry but if you’re average looking, why are you trying to score a Venus or Adonis. You need to adjust to reality. I mean, it doesn’t hurt to try, but be aware of where you are on the totem pole and what you can realistically get, and don’t be insulted when someone who is clearly outside your league rejects you. (4) Now while on the one hand we have girls being too picky, guys are not picky enough. It’s like they don’t even bother reading the profile. I said I am not willing to move abroad. Why are you contacting me? I clearly wear hijab. So why you contacting me if you’re not that religious. I said I want someone who is the same nationality. Of a certain age. You are not, so why are you contacting me? Like, I bothered to specify these things for a reason. I could go on. It’s like they click like on ANYONE who meets any minimal baseline they have. So they end up liking like 100 profiles at once, and then ghost based on how the chat goes. Like seriously, you need to be a little more discerning up front. Like, please read between the lines and try to understand the person behind the profile. Also, please DON”T instant match. Like what a terrible feature. I had to reject multiple guys who did that because I was not into them and I felt bad because they used an instant match on me. Please create a way to disable this feature.

    • Ree says:

      Thanks for sharing, Anonymous. Should take your advice and post more photos, I guess. Thanks for taking the time creatinga a guy’s account for better perspective. May Allah bless us with a righteous spouse soon. InshaaAllah.

  33. Ibtisam says:

    Also been here for a year already and no serious guys ,none of the guys want to talk to me coz am from Africa,so sad

  34. Karim says:

    Most people in this App. are so caught up in colorism( how light or dark skin one is), ethnicity, country of origin, etc…as if your skin color, ethnic background or country of origin are what makes one a better Muslim or a better husband/wife. There is a reason why Allah has created us differently, otherwise He could have created us the same.
    I have never seen an app where people are so focused on superficial things like race and ethnicity like Muzmatch. Sad!!
    You pray Allah to send you a good partner, He sent it your way and you reject them based on shallow reasons. It makes a lot of sense why some people are single.

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