I did the unthinkable – I married for love

I never thought I would have a love marriage, but that was exactly what was in store for me.

Ours was a love marriage.

Growing up in a relatively traditional Hyderabadi-Muslim household, I never thought that would ever be my reality. When I was younger, I often overheard stories of how married couples in the family had met. Most were arranged by their elders, as my own parents and sister were. “Love marriages” – called this simply because they were outside the norm – were much more rare. An arranged marriage guaranteed that your child married someone of a similar background and social status. Love marriages, however, eschewed those very things, being based instead on the couple’s personal compatibility first and foremost. I always liked the idea of a love marriage, but accepted early on that it was just not my lot. My siblings and I weren’t even allowed to have friends of the opposite sex! And I never broke this rule.

married muslim couple

How does a girl like me then end up marrying the man she fell in love with? “My Adventures in Husband Hunting,” as I call them, took place over a period of six years after college. As a good Hyderabadi girl, I went along with everything my parents did or suggested.

Read the full article here: https://thetempest.co/2016/04/27/life-love/love-sex/i-did-the-unthinkable-marry-for-love/

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Source article: https://thetempest.co/2016/04/27/life-love/love-sex/i-did-the-unthinkable-marry-for-love/

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4 Responses

  1. EzzEddine says:

    That’s pretty cool congratulations brothers

  2. Abdel salam says:

    The blessing of Allah sometimes comes from the jest expected places. Congrats! Never give up on Allah

  3. ZA says:

    Congratulations. But I have to say that’s not a love marriage, you would have to meet under real life circumstances for it to be that. You make it out to be such a departure for yourself & your family that you married a “non-Hyderabadi”. No offence, but I feel one the reasons so many young Muslims remain unmarried is because they, have such a narrow criteria.
    But seriously congratulations on finding someone.

  4. Guest says:

    May Allah swt bless you both with happiness. Please make dua for me. I had a love marriage, but unfortunately I get bullied and beaten. I need everyones duas and blessings please.

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